Guide 101: Hiring the right criminal defense attorney in Jersey City!



When charged with a criminal offense, people end up taking the wrong steps in an overwhelmed, stressed state.  Just because you have been arrested, there is no need to panic. Yes, you need legal assistance and defense, regardless of whether you have committed the crime or not. Depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, your lawyer can get the charges dropped or the sentence reduced. Remember that even a minor crime record can haunt you for a lifetime. In this post, we are sharing tips on what it takes to hire a Jersey City criminal defense attorney

  1. Experience 

The scope of criminal law is huge. The consequences of sexual harassment charge would be different than that of embezzlement. Find a criminal defense attorney that you can trust, but more importantly, check if they have worked on cases with similar circumstances. There is no harm in asking about their top landmark cases. 

  1. Courtroom confidence

If the case eventually goes into trial, you will want an attorney who can be aggressive in the court. The first meeting with a criminal defense attorney is highly important in this regard. You have to consider their persona, if they are open to discussing some of their best courtroom moments, and what they plan to do with your case. 

  1. Reviews

What do clients have to say about a law firm, or criminal defense attorney? If you got the contact from someone close, ask them about their circumstances and how the concerned lawyer helped. Independent reviews can be easily checked on Google. Reputation of a law firm defines their work. 

  1. Fee

Most criminal defense attorneys in NJ work on an hourly basis, but some may charge a flat fee. In selected cases, there could be other arrangements possible. Nevertheless, it is wise knowing if you can afford a lawyer in the first place. There may be other expenses related to the case, and it is prudent to get an estimate in advance. 

  1. Beyond the bail

There are many attorneys, who are just focused on getting the bail. Yes, you need a bail for sure, but it is crucial to consider how they can help your case in the long run. Your best bet is to get the charges dropped but ask the attorney what they can do in your current circumstances.

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