Signs that you definitely need a Tennessee accident lawyer


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You were injured in a car accident. You believe that the other party was negligent. It’s time to file an insurance claim, but do you need a lawyer first? You don’t necessarily need legal assistance and can manage the paperwork on your own. However, having a Tennessee accident lawyer by your side always comes in handy. Here are some definitive signs that you case needs an attorney. 

  1. Your injuries can impact your capacity to earn. If you have serious injuries, you should consider talking to a lawyer anyway. In case your injuries are such that you may have lost your capacity to earn now and forever, you should let an attorney handle your case. Accident attorneys have the experience, expertise to ask for the right amount of compensation that a client deserves.
  2. The insurance company has denied your claim. There are many reasons why a claim may be denied or delayed, but there’s no denying that insurance companies have their own ways to reduce their financial burden. As such, a lawyer can help by being aggressive. If you have no experience of dealing with insurance companies, allow someone with skills to take over. 
  3. Your losses are huge. Impending medical bills, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, and vehicle damage – The losses can be severe for victims in some cases. If you have suffered huge injuries, consider talking to an attorney to know about the realistic compensation you can expect. 
  4. The fault is not clear. In many car accidents, the fault is not exactly clear. For instance, the other party is probably holding you responsible for the crime. If you are in such circumstances, allow your personal injury attorney to handle both investigations and lawsuits. 
  5. You have a wrongful death lawsuit. Did you lose a loved one in the accident? You may have the scope to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The statute of limitations in Tennessee allows just one year to file such lawsuits, so you have to do everything as soon as possible. Find a known and reliable attorney with experience of handling wrongful death lawsuits. 

Because you want to protect your rights

That’s often one of the key reasons people hire personal injury attorneys for car accident and wrongful death lawsuits. Lawyers know what it takes to defend and work for a client, and they won’t settle for less than what you deserve in compensation. 

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