Brow Lift: The Ultimate Way to Defy the Aging Process


As you age, your eyebrows may start drooping, giving you an unwanted tired and angry appearance. Drooping eyebrows can also make you appear older than you are. These negative traits may affect your self-confidence and social life because you may seem unapproachable. A brow lift can raise your eyebrows, and reduce the visibility of creases and lines on your forehead. If you are looking for a brow lift expert, your Scarsdale facial plastic surgery expert, Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, has your back.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift refers to a cosmetic procedure that corrects droopy or sagging eyebrows. This procedure also improves the appearance of your forehead by lifting the soft tissue around your brow and forehead. A brow lift also restores your youthfulness and self-confidence. Your doctor may recommend combining a brow lift with other cosmetic procedures like face-lift or eyelid surgery for dramatic results. As you age, your eyebrows start sagging, and the tissues start losing their elasticity, reducing the distance between your eyelashes and eyebrows. Drooping eyebrows can make you appear older than you are or always tired and angry. A brow lift restores your vibrance and enhances your facial appearance, making you appear more approachable.

How should you prepare for a brow lift procedure?

The professional team performs a comprehensive medical exam to determine if you are eligible for a brow lift during your appointment. The team may also review your medical history, discuss your expectations, and the risks associated with the procedure. Before your brow lift procedure, you may need to avoid smoking, avoid certain medications, and request a relative or friend to drive you home after the procedure.

What happens during a brow lift procedure?

The team understands that everybody is unique and responds differently to different treatment plans. Your brow lift technique depends on your expectations. Before the procedure, your provider injects you with local anesthesia to prevent you from experiencing any pain or discomfort. The team makes tiny incisions during the process behind or under your hairline. They use an endoscope to get a clear view of the underlying tissues and muscles. The next step involves lifting your forehead skin and removing the underlying tissue to achieve the desired results. They then raise your eyebrows to a higher position using temporary screws or sutures. A brow lift improves your vision and enhances your physical appearance by designing a natural, yet stunning look.

What happens during the recovery process?

After your treatment, it may take about ten days for initial recovery to kick in. During this period, your provider may remove the sutures. You may notice some mild swelling and bruising, which you can conceal with makeup. You may also experience numbness and headaches, which improve after a short while. Dr. Schwarcz understands those drooping eyebrows affect not only your vision but also affect your physical appearance. He offers a wide range of treatment plans that can help you defy the aging process and achieve a rejuvenated look.

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