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Every year, people face criminal charges in court without a criminal lawyer. It is useful to hire a criminal lawyer especially if you have no idea about the law. They play a vital role in society and in the administration of justice. 

When you’re facing charges for an offense, it is necessary to know about the differences between types of criminal lawyers. 

Basic Types of Criminal Lawyers:

  • Criminal Defense Lawyer- a legal professional who helps clients. The main duty is to represent the defendant who is being charged with a crime. 
  • Prosecutor- is the chief legal representative of the prosecution. The government attorney charges and tries cases against those accused of crimes. It represents the interest of the state. Works to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

These are the basic two categories of criminal attorneys. Five basic subcategories are the following:

  1. Public defender- attorney-at-law appointed by the courts. Employed at public expense in a criminal trial to represent a defendant who is unable to afford legal help. They appear in the same courts daily, public defenders can gain a lot of experience in a short time.
  1. Panel Lawyer- render competent and quality legal services. They are private defense lawyers, a committee that every government has. They agree to devote part of their practice to representing indigent defendants. They receive hourly monetary compensation. 
  1. Legal Aid- Non-profit organizations that serve as the representative to an indigent defendant. It is the provision of help to people who are unable to afford legal representation. And no access to 
  1. District Lawyer- is the chief prosecutor who works for a city, state, or federal government. Duties include reviewing police arrest reports. They must be available upon request of the government to prosecute a defendant in more serious cases.
  1. Private Lawyer- a lawyer whom you pay to represent you in court. They may work alone in a small office or alongside many lawyers at a large law firm. Private lawyers usually don’t have many cases as public defenders. 

There are different types of Criminal Cases lawyers deal with, such as:

  1. Drug Abuse Cases-these violations are like those involving unlawful possession.
  2. Violent Crime Cases- most familiar of all criminal cases. Can involve robbery, and manslaughter 
  3. Property Cases- usually no casualties involved. Equal on things, belongings, possession, or real estate. It includes intangible things. 
  4. Fraud Cases- identity theft, and involves financial loss. Intentional use or misleading information in an attempt to deprive another person. Prosecuted as both criminal and a civil offense.
  5. Cases involving Family-endangering economic, physical, or mental well-being of a family member 
  6. Alcohol-related cases- can involve driving under the influence, and various liquor laws
  7. Kidnapping-abducting someone who is against their own will 
  8. Arms offenses- involves using unauthorized fire guns 
  9. Scams- most common crime in Singapore, take advantage of people weaknesses 
  10. Child abuse- physical, sexual, or maltreatment of a child. 

And many more. Criminal lawyers are a great help in society. Those who are victims and looking for justice. They are the ones who can prove who is innocent. You must trust your lawyer at the very beginning to have that connection. 

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