Aftermath of accident in Jersey City: Call a personal injury attorney


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New Jersey is one of the limited states that follow the no-fault car insurance system. This simply means that an injured person will need to first file a claim with their own insurance company, to get compensated for medical bills and other losses. The personal-injury-protection car insurance pays for that, but in case the other party is at fault, a personal injury lawsuit can be considered in certain scenarios. For all of that and more, you need to have an abogado de lesiones personales De La Ciudad De Jersey by your side. 

The basic laws

First things first, filing a lawsuit against the other party at fault may not be as easy in NJ as it seems on paper. New Jersey follows the “modified” comparative fault rule, which means that if a person has share in the accident blame, their share of compensation will reduce by that percentage. For instance, if your part of blame is at 20%, and you have been awarded $10,000, you will only get $8,000, and not the full amount. However, if your share of the blame is more than 50%, you may not recover anything at all. 

Why should you hire an attorney?

In case of lawsuits, the comparative negligence rule will be considered for sure, but it will be also considered for insurance claims. The insurance claims adjuster will do their best to investigate the case, and they eventually want to reduce their financial burden. In other words, you need someone who is on your side and can work in your interest. Your personal injury attorney can help you decide the true worth of your claim, and they will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Do not talk to an insurance claims adjuster, unless you have spoken to your lawyer first. 

Finding the right personal injury attorney

Selecting an experienced personal injury attorney in Jersey City is as important. Make sure that the lawyer has handled car accident insurance claims and lawsuits that are similar to yours. Also, talk to them in depth as what they expect from the case and how much you can expect in compensation, if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury attorneys in NJ fight for lawsuits on a contingency basis, which mean they will ask for their fee, only if they win a settlement. 

Meet a personal injury attorney in person before you take a call. 

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