Four Steps Sexual Harassment Victims Can Take


4 Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace sexual harassment cases are not easy to deal with. Victims feel powerless and unable to do anything to improve their situation. Often, witnesses of the misconduct choose to keep silent after being caught between a rock and a tough place. While they may feel empathetic towards the victim, they also worry about possibly losing their job if they speak up. This can particularly happen when the harasser is a supervisor or the employer themselves. But, despite the difficulty of the situation, there are steps victims can take to stand and deal with sexual harassment on the job in a healthy, safe, and productive way. There are laws, rules, and regulations in place to protect employees from the impacts of sexual harassment at different levels. If you are one of these victims, you don’t have to deal with this ordeal alone. Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Long Island City are there to ensure your rights are protected and help you end up with a successful claim.

Sexual harassment comes in a lot of forms. It can be moderate, severe, ongoing, one-time, obvious, or subtle. But, any form harassment should not be taken lightly because it can usually progress from being mild to serious in no time. The following are some steps you can take:

Approach the Harasser

 Usually, the best way to deal with sexual harassment is to approach the harasser directly and tell them that their conduct is offensive and unwanted. Sometimes, the harasser does not recognize this, and addressing the problem will make your message clear. 

Report the Conduct

Report the sexual harassment incidents to a supervisor, HR, or internal social caseworker. Follow the company policies or procedures for this matter.

File a Charge with the EEOC

If you can get a resolution to your sexual harassment issue within the company, you can file a complaint with the local EEOC. The agency will try to resolve the claim with your employer and if it fails, it may issue “a right to sue,” so you can file a lawsuit against the harasser in court. 

Take Legal Action

 Although a sexual harassment lawsuit may seem drastic, it may be the only procedure that gets results when you failed to resolve the issue through the steps above. Usually, you file a lawsuit against your employer for physical or emotional suffering and you may be able to get your job back, get compensated for lost wages, and receive damage costs for your losses. 


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