Steps To Writing a Demand Letter to an Insurance Company For a Claim


Injuries can occur in different forms, usually caused by unfortunate events like car accidents. Although the injury is caused, the victim still has the right to recover his losses via an insurance claim which can help get a fair settlement as compensation. 

Usually, an insurance adjuster will contact the victim to discuss the insurance claim immediately after the accident. However, after discussing the losses incurred with the insurance adjuster, the victim is expected to write a fully drafted demand for the insurance claim. 

In most cases, the victim may be unclear about dealing with insurance claims and fighting for compensation since it can be a bit technical, so contacting an established injury law firm can help in providing an experienced attorney who can do the legal work for you.

Here are the steps to write a demand letter for a claim:

  • Initiate the letter

Your attorney will tell you the desired format, so follow his instructions carefully. The basic details have to be filled in upfront, along with the date and time of when the accident took place. You are also expected to mention the subject of the demand letter.

  • Write the details


Mention the details of the accident in the order of how it happened, the driver at fault, the number of eye-witnesses, the injuries caused, and the losses incurred. The more precise the detailing is, the more accountable the other party gets. Hence, ensure to write it all correctly.

  • Seek compensation

State the settlement you seek, including the medical costs and lost income. If you had medical treatment after the accident, attach the medical report and the letter to act as evidence for the accident.

  • Set a deadline

Do not send the demand letter without mentioning an appropriate deadline so ensure to set a deadline for the negligent party to respond. Usually, ten days is allowed to respond to a demand letter. If a negligent party does not respond, the legal remedies will be taken by default.

A demand letter is essential in getting compensation from a negligent party. Additionally, it is crucial to have copies of all the evidence because it can majorly impact and complicate the case if missed. Have an attorney by your side so that you are directed towards the legal way at all times. The attorney will also build a defensive case to get the claim.

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