What Makes a Good Well-Woman Exam?


Many people in San Antonio, Texas, don’t realize that there are a lot of benefits to having a well-woman exam. It’s not just about getting a pap smear but also about taking care of your sexual health and making sure you’re doing what it takes to stay healthy. Find a specialist if you want a well woman exam in San Antonio, TX. They ensure that the exam has the following crucial components.

Sexual Health

A well-woman exam is a perfect time for talking with your doctor about all kinds of sexual health problems. You can start by talking about any pain you might be having during intercourse or when inserting tampons. It is also a good idea to ask if there are any methods that you could use to prevent these things from happening, such as buying different-sized tampons or condoms. You can also talk about any infections you might have and ask if they’re familiar and how to prevent them.

Birth Control

Most doctors will happily talk about the different birth control methods available and give their opinion on which they feel is best. If your doctor won’t, then it’s a good idea to look for another one that will. It is not necessary to use birth control, but if you do, you deserve to have an open enough relationship with your doctor to make it work to the best of its ability.

Fertility Planning

Couples often come to their doctor’s office immediately after deciding to start trying for a baby. While some fertility problems can’t be diagnosed until you try, your doctor should run some tests right away to ensure everything is okay before you start doing it yourself. These tests might include an HGC test to make sure you’re not pregnant, an HSG to check for any issues with your uterus, and a semen analysis to see if the male partner is infertile.

Abnormal Bleeding

If you have persistent, abnormal vaginal bleeding, this is the best time to bring it up with your doctor. Bleeding during or after sex can happen for many reasons, but some are more serious than others. An excellent place to start would be making sure that you have an STD to treat it accordingly. Other reasons for bleeding might include fibroids, polyps, or even cancer. Any of these are serious issues that require immediate attention.

Nutritional Advice

Many women are not eating well enough to be healthy, leading to several problems. You should talk to your doctor about what you should eat, why you need it, and how much is needed to stay healthy. On the other hand, if you’re already eating well but want some food suggestions, you can ask your doctor for some advice on healthy snacks or meals that you should be eating that will help keep you strong and fit.

A well-woman exam is a meaningful way to take care of your health, and it’s not just about getting a pap smear. You can talk to your doctor about various issues, including sexual health, birth control, fertility planning, abnormal bleeding, and nutritional advice. Taking the time for a well-woman exam will help you stay healthy and informed about your body.

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