Natural Alternatives to the Aspirin Alternative


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Aspirin is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, and the French are no exception to the rule with around 40 tablets per capita per year. A colossal figure that prompts us to ask questions: aspirin is effective certainly, but what are the dangers? What are the natural alternatives to aspirin?

What are the risks of overconsumption of aspirin?

Aspirin is a drug that will help relieve many pains, but not only. Indeed, it is frequently used in the prevention of cardiovascular risks, because it reduces coagulation and thins the blood. It is also anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, overconsumption of aspirin in the case of self-medication, can cause discomfort with side effects. Thus, if a natural solution can be envisaged, it will be interesting in prevention and by staying in agreement with the attending physician and his prescription. From iherb canada you can have the best purchase online.

What are natural aspirins?

In order not to abuse the aspirin and keep it in its best use, we can use the willow and the meadowsweet.

They will help reduce pain and will have an anti-inflammatory action. They can be found in the form of herbal tea , capsules or drops in many organic stores. To know the right dosage, you should approach your naturopath or a phytotherapist.

In addition, many fruits and vegetables contain salicylic acid (the same component found in aspirin). Some research has shown that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in salicylates which are then transformed into salicylic acid by the body would replace the too frequent intake of aspirin.

It is found in particular in almonds, olives, tomatoes, radishes, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, melons, dates and grapes.

When the use of aspirin is done to prevent cardiovascular risks, 4 natural elements can act to replace it:

  • Turmeric:which is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E: very antioxidant, found in borage oil for example.
  • Garlic: a natural blood thinner, a powerful antibacterial and which reduces cholesterol. If it is difficult to digest it, it may very well be consumed in a capsule or macerated in cooking oil for pleasure.
  • Omega 3: they are literally fluidifying and anti-inflammatory. They can be found in salmon, mackerel and sardines. These fatty fish should be eaten almost raw in the center because the omega 3 are destroyed with heat. Linseed oil or camelina oil will be the best vegetable sources.

To have a real rapid anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant action, the capsules will be the most effective: the liver, which is often “blocked” because of inflammation, toxins and toxins, will not need to intervene to assimilate them.

The ideal way to reduce your consumption of aspirin will be to prevent it with suitable antioxidant foods (pomegranate and blueberry, green tea and Matcha tea), reduce acid and acidifying foods, understand the origin of the pain and find natural answers. With the iherb コード you can find the best choices.


Indeed, naturopathy and phytotherapy have the possibility of using plants for each part of the body and of maintaining them. By understanding where the problem comes from, we will be able to work on it in a targeted and natural way and thus avoid the risks associated with overconsumption of aspirin.

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