Ways to Improve Your Dental Health and Overall Wellness


Dental health affects your wellness, including your smile and facial appearance. As such, sticking to good oral hygiene habits is all it takes to maintain and achieve good oral health. Routine dental exams are thus critical. Tamesha Morris, DDS, a family and cosmetic dentist at Momentum Dental Care, is happy to offer you quality dental care for healthy gums and a pretty smile. Dr. Morris also leads the team in educating patients about the importance of dental health. Consider reaching out to them today to schedule your appointment.

You can expect to receive patient-centered care on various services, including the following.

Teeth whitening

It involves using a whitening or bleaching agent to brighten your teeth. If you have a dull smile, teeth whitening may be your way of getting a whiter smile.

Usually, different factors might lead to teeth discoloration, including:

  •         Age
  •         Tobacco use
  •         Foods such as pasta sauce or curry
  •         Certain medications like tetracycline
  •         Beverages such as red wine, coffee, cola, tea
  •         Poor oral hygiene

Teeth whitening removes the teeth stains and enhances a beautiful smile. Besides teeth whitening, you may need regular professional teeth cleaning, including daily teeth brushing and flossing, to maintain your results.


They are cosmetic dental treatments to restore dental alignment and prevent dental issues such as gum disease. Anyone can benefit from orthodontics techniques, from children and teens to adults.

Orthodontics helps treat different dental concerns including:

  •         Overbite
  •         Crowding
  •         Open bite
  •         Malpositioned jaw
  •         Underbite
  •         Unmatched dental midlines
  •         Widely spaced teeth

Your provider offers a variety of orthodontic treatments depending on your needs.


They are modern oral aligners that enhance teeth and jaw alignment. They look and feel natural, providing comfort as your natural teeth.

Traditional metal braces

Unlike Invisalign, these aligners use brackets, archwires, and rubber bands to align gradually. They are non-removable, which may feel uncomfortable.

Emergency dentistry

Some dental concerns need not wait for set appointments. Emergency dentistry ensures the provision of immediate oral care. Momentum Dental Care offers emergency dental care to relieve pain and prevent severe dental cases. Some of the considered emergency dental issues include:

  •         Broken or damaged dentures
  •         Missing teeth
  •         Infected teeth
  •         Damaged restorations, including dental implants, bridges, or crowns
  •         Severe toothaches
  •         Loose or dislodged teeth
  •         Objects stuck between teeth

When in a dental emergency state, remain calm and find access to immediate care.

Sleep apnea

It is a condition that occurs when the tissues at the back of your throat block the airway. It causes your breathing to start and frequently stop while sleeping.

The condition involves loud snoring during the night causing unhealthy symptoms that may affect your daily living, including:

  •         Difficulty concentrating
  •         Morning headaches
  •         Excessive fatigue during the day
  •         Memory problems

Usually, you may not notice you have a problem until your family members start complaining about your loud snoring. Your provider at Momentum Dental Care offers extensive diagnoses and treatments to improve your condition and enhance a healthy sleep.

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