What is a Root Canal?


Bellevue is a city in Washington State and is one of the many cities and towns in the United States with a large medical community. The town has outstanding dental clinics that can help you with dental issues. Many symptoms will tell you if you need a root canal in Bellevue. However, many people do not even know what a root canal is.

So, what is a root canal?

Often confused with tooth extraction, a root canal is a process of removing the damaged or infected tissue inside the tooth. The reason for this is to remove all traces of infection/contamination to prevent it from spreading. A root canal prevents further damage and helps save your natural teeth while stopping any pain or discomfort.

So What Does A Root Canal Procedure Involve?

A root canal treatment is performed by a General Dentist and begins with an exam, followed by X-rays to determine the extent of damage on your tooth. Once the dentist determines the severity of the issue, they will administer anesthesia to numb you from any pain or discomfort. At this stage, your dentist then drills into your teeth to remove all traces of infection/contamination and clean out any damaged tissue using special tools and equipment as needed. Some bleeding may occur during this cleaning process, so you need to stay calm and try not to move too much if possible.

Is a Root Canal Avoidable?

However, this is often unavoidable, depending on how severe your condition is. The process of cleaning out the affected area is called debridement. Once this is complete, you can use the special filler to replace any exposed dentin (the tissue under the enamel) until the space where the pulp once was is filled in. Upon completion, your dentist will seal off access to your tooth with a dental crown for protection and allow you to begin taking care of it at home, the same as you would with an ordinary tooth. It’s also crucial that you avoid biting hard or chewy foods/ingredients for the initial four-six weeks after surgery as chewing motions put pressure on the treated root canal teeth, which may cause pain/discomfort.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments are performed to save natural teeth that have been severely damaged or infected. The pulp is the primary tissue in a tooth that helps it stay strong, and there are blood vessels that supply nutrients to allow the root canal tooth to remain healthy. When this is compromised through dental decay or trauma, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment.

Despite its name, most people do not need any type of surgery during this procedure. Instead, they need to reach the diseased pulp tissue by numbing the tooth with anesthetics and cleaning out any infection/dental decay using special surgical tools. However, you should note that not all cases require a root canal procedure. Your dentist in Bellevue will assess the situation and make a recommendation.

You should only consider a root canal treatment if your dentist recommends it. It’s not a procedure to put off for another day, as failing to treat an infected tooth can have severe consequences down the line. The key is to work closely with your dentist so they can recommend a root canal procedure or suggest one of Bellevue’s alternative options.

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