Tests Necessary for the Diagnosis of Neck Pain


Even in a small town like Shrewsbury, New Jersey, many people suffer from neck pain. But why is this? There are many reasons which can be the cause. Some of the most common causes include age-related wear and tear or problems like herniated discs or arthritis. Some other causes may be injuries due to sports accidents or car accidents. If you have chronic neck pain in Shrewsbury, you will probably have to undergo a myriad of tests for the diagnosis. The following are some of the tests you will encounter:


These tests are performed to see if there is a fracture, tumor, or arthritis. These imaging tests can show herniation of the disc and narrowing of the spinal canal, which lies within your spine. X-rays will reveal the health of your bone structure, and if there is any problem, it will show on the x-ray picture.

MRI Scans

MRIs are used to detect any abnormalities in the discs or joints, which can be a source of neck pain. The images taken from MRI scans give more detailed information about the anatomy of the neck, which is why they are commonly used for the diagnosis of neck pain. An MRI scan can also detect the severity of any herniated disc and if surgery is necessary.

CT Scans

CT scans or computed tomography also produce detailed images of your spine, but they can only be done if you have your doctor’s prescription. The best thing about CT scans is that they are swift and give accurate results. On the other hand, there is a high possibility that you will be exposed to higher amounts of radiation, which is why it is necessary to take the test only when necessary.

Bone Scan

A bone scan is performed when there is a severe injury to the neck, which might be due to an accident. The test reveals whether or not there are fractures in your bones, and it also highlights the severity of any fractures that may exist.


A discogram is used to test the health of your discs. This test requires an injection of saline into your discs, making it visible on the images. If there is any disc leakage, this will show up, and it can be detected as a ruptured or degenerated disc.

Needle Test

This test involves the insertion of a tiny needle into your neck, which then identifies the source of your pain. The patient will be asked to change positions, determining whether a herniated disc or arthritis causes pain in the neck. This test is used when no abnormalities are seen on X-ray or MRI scans.

Balance Tests

A balance test is necessary to diagnose neck pain since it can help determine whether your neck pain is caused by problems with your inner ear, which then affects your balance. The doctor will sit you down and then move your head in different directions to check any problem with your inner ear.

If you think you are suffering from chronic neck pain, you should seek medical advice or visit a doctor immediately. The earlier you find the source of your pain, the less discomfort it will cause in the future.

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