Popular Dark Blue Hair Colour Ideas for Women



If you have finally chosen to rock blue hair hue, there are some bold variations you should consider. The dark blue colour is not extravagant when compared with light blue since it appears more like a raven black.

Nevertheless, it makes a great impression. The main benefit of the dark blue shade is that it is effortless to keep especially on dark hair. Besides, you can choose various balayage and ombre options to maintain the hair root touch-ups to a minimum. And for the ladies with light skin, dark blue hair can make your facial features less significant, and as such, you will need to reschedule your makeup routine.

  • The Midnight Blue.

Midnight blue hair is one of the hardest hair colours to achieve and also to maintain. The shade is so rich and vibrant; you will love it every second while it lasts. Regardless of your hair length, you will find midnight blue hair always a hit.

  • Metallic Blue Hair.

Metallic dark hair shade can leave you looking so enticing; you will want to dye your locks this colour always. However, this is not one of the hair colours you can DIY. It is always recommended to try it in the salon for the best results. But if you have plenty of experience in hair colouring, you can DIY it at home.

  • Blue and Black Combo.

Blue and dark hair always appear exciting when mixed. For a significant contrast, leave some strands without colouring. You can rock a unique look without highlighting.

  • Blue Combination.

The mix of lighter blue and darker shades is a beautiful ideal for ladies with long locks that can flaunt this unique colour mix. Try different shades of blue to create a stunning impression with your dark blue hair look.

  • Black Locks and Dark Blue Highlights.

If you are lady blessed with naturally dark lock, then you will find this dark-coloured blue hair shade great for you. The blue hue at the trimmings creates a superb impact. Highlight some strands on the crown and work gradually down to the ends. If you style your manes in a lob, you can get this haircut quickly.

  • Dark Aqua Blue Balayage.

If you need to get two or more colours on your hair, then you should opt for a balayage technique. But it will not be entirely visible like ombre, for example. A dark aqua blue balayage, if perfectly done, can give you the best results. Keeping this type of hairstyle regularly is easy too.

  • Dark Metallic Blue.

If you have always wanted to rock a grunge dark blue hair hairdo, then you should take inspiration from this one. Long black locks are trimmed in layers. The dark bangs enhance the layers and boost the volume of the locks. When a thrilling metallic blue is included in the mix, it is a beautiful pairing if done right.

  • Electrifying Global Blue.

This hairdo is for all the rebel girls out there. Dying blue highlights is fun if you need a hairstyle that will help you make a bold statement and stand out from others.

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