Wristwatch And Its Functions


Guys, a wristwatch such as Udon Thani Rolex (rolex อุดรธานี which is the term in thai) can have many more functions besides showing you the time, see? Therefore, the most modern devices often serve as an alarm, stopwatch, phone book, thermometer, and more! And on top of that, they are beautiful accessories. Come with me to learn more about these watches!


How about having a wristwatch that is almost like a cell phone? There are several new models where you can listen to music, answer a cell phone call, read and respond to simple messages from social networks, count the steps you took in the day and even sound an alarm when you don’t know where he is. This type of watch is ideal for those who want practicality in everyday life! Too much, huh?


Some models have space in the internal memory to store phone numbers, see? Hence the good thing about this accessory is that you can always have those numbers you use most close by as a backup of your smartphone’s phonebook.

What’s more: it’s ideal for those who make a lot of calls daily or don’t like to have their cell phone close by all the time but don’t give up their phone book. Very good!


Now, practically most wristwatches already have this function, ok? The alarm is great to help you with various daily tasks, whether waking up, taking medicine, or going to work or college. And it can come with several sound options, so you can choose what you prefer.

Altimeter And Compass

The wristwatch with altimeter and compass function is widely used by those who work in places further away from cities or like to venture through trails, mountains, and forests! For example, the altimeter function will help you know the altitude of the place you are, and the compass is an excellent guide, so you don’t get lost anywhere! You can find a watch that has both functions together or separately. So yeah, huh?


The wristwatch with a stopwatch is fantastic for anyone who practices sports or works with a function that needs to measure the time taken for each activity! This function is more common in digital watches, but there are some options with ultra-fast hands, ok? Nice!

Weather Forecast

And have you ever thought about knowing if it’s going to rain or be very hot with the help of your wristwatch? Some models come with this function too, which is great for those who usually program themselves before leaving home!

Another advantage of having a watch with the weather forecast is that you always have protection when traveling. It is easier to know if you are taking umbrellas or sunscreen!

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