How Early Should You Book Suppliers For A Corporate Event


Like any other project, preparing a proper timeline — and doing your best to stick to it — is key to making a corporate event as cost-effective as possible. And if you ask corporate event companies, you’d know how crucial it is to book your suppliers in advance. Doing so will not only give you time to prepare for other stuff, but it will also help you avoid paying over the odds.

We’ll give you a walkthrough on how early should you book your vendors for your next event.

Events in the Corporate Setting

Open to employees and stakeholders of a certain organization, corporate events are typically being used to market, announce, discuss, or celebrate something internally. Its intent varies widely, and it can range from introducing your rebranding campaign, or strengthening company values, or commemorating a milestone event like anniversaries.

While there are different types of corporate event, corporate event companies typically deal with providing their clients with more likely the same elements — audiovisual, catering, logistics, entertainment, decor and design, and other graphic needs.

Why Booking Suppliers in Advance Matters

There’s always a steady demand for event suppliers. Somewhere in one corner of your city, someone or some group is holding their own event. One of the main reasons for looking for and booking your suppliers early is to secure their availability. So as early as you finalize the core details of your event (e.g. Date, venue, theme), you can now start shortlisting possible vendors and get their quotations.

Take note that the closer you book to your event date, the lower is the chance to get your desired supplier. If you can book their services, it is more likely that you’d get it at a higher rate. Booking them in advance will allow you to avail service discounts.

Another advantage of early booking is you’d have ample time to negotiate about the pricing of your deal. And if there will be some adjustments to your event, your supplier will have enough time to adjust accordingly.

Tips When Looking for Event Suppliers

Corporate event companies have an extensive network of event suppliers. But how do you choose the one that best fits your needs? Here are some must-know tips!

Ask around and get multiple quotes. First, check your company’s list of previous suppliers and ask how their services were. If you are to find a new one, look for recommendations within your circle and get quotes from your top three choices.

Examine the suppliers’ background and experience. When picking the supplier from your prospects, run due diligence checks. Investigate if they have enough experience and if their previous clients were satisfied with their work.

Double-check what’s stipulated in your deal. Last but not the least, before signing the deal, meticulously check if what’s in the contract indeed adheres to your vision. And don’t forget to assess if the prices stated are right. Your goal is to keep your costs to a minimum without compromising the quality of the services you will receive.

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