Leaky Basement Solutions; Drying Your Basement Once And For All

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A leaky basement can be disgusting to homeowners. A wet basement brings everything bad to your home and if the homeowner doesn’t look for a leaky basement solutions as soon as possible, the problems can grow bigger and bigger and at last be catastrophic. Apart from the awful smell that makes your home uncomfortable to live in, a leaky basement can cause serious process such as destroying the structural strength of your home as well as increasing respiratory issues in your home. These are brought about due to growth of mould in your basement floor and walls.

What appears to you as something small cane be a huge problem. So, it is always advisable to hire a professional company such as DrainCom to offer you professional leaky basement solutions. An expert will start by identifying the causes and sources of your leaky basement and then recommend the right solutions for that problem. Check this link for more insights about repairing leak basements.

  • Digging the Trench

Learn the work needed to deal with leaky basements to avoid draining in costly and irrelevant services from contractors. As a drain customer, you should also plan for post-project cosmetics for concealing the area being worked on.

  • A Drain Tile System Anatomy

The drain tile system’s configuration is determined by how severe the problem is, among other variables. The high volume installers start with jackhammering and draining all the contents in the trench. The sump pump is placed near a power source of the unfinished area. A smooth layer of concrete is then used in covering the trench.

When properly installed, the drain tiles system should successfully solve the problem of stagnant water in your basement, as well as radon. However, the drain tile system should not be used as an alternative to the random mitigation systems that have been professionally put in place.

  • Cleaning Up the Mess

A quick flood dam barrier should be used in the exterior of a foundation during heavy rains and melts to prevent water from seeping inside. Polyurethane sealant is used from the outside once all the water is dried to seal the cracks.

If the water is already in, use a heavy towel to soak it from your carpet and wood, and then dry them completely. If you have been away for long and your basement has remained wet in your absence, a heavy-duty dehumidifier and a fan will help in drying your basement. A squeegee will work well on unfinished basements.

  • Working on the Core Causes of Wet Basements

Preventing water damages to your basement is one of the key leaky basement solutions. Among the means, you can stop it from happening is ensuring your gutters are clear, insulating, and grading your exterior.

Use wet-set motor to patch your crumbling or cracking foundation walls. If you are a DIYer, you can initiate a minor grading solution using soil to make a level grade away from the foundation.

  • When do you call a Professional?

Before looking for any help, ensure you have attempted to solve the problem, and if you get no improvements, consider getting a foundation professional who can offer professional leaky basement solutions.

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