How To Plan Your Summer Wedding Menu That Wouldn’t Disappoint


Tying the knot in the summer season is popular among couples. It offers a fresh vibe and creates an avenue where wedding planners and suppliers can pour out their creative juices — from venue decorations to the menu items to be served by the wedding catering Hanover PA provider.

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If you’re planning to wed during this time of the year, this read is for you. In this particular blog, we’re turning the attention to planning a summer wedding menu that can best complement the season and, more importantly, your style and preferences.

Settle down with a theme. Want to have a beach wedding? Or do you prefer an intimate garden wedding? One of the first things you need to lock down is the theme of your summer wedding. This is also where your catering option will depend — will it be buffet style or sit-down?

Team up with a reliable caterer. You should also have a credible wedding catering Hanover PA by your side. Having such a wedding supplier will take away from you the burden of creating the menu, preparing the meals and beverages and cleaning up after the event.

Offer fresh local tastes. When holding a summer wedding, the general rule of thumb is to go local and seasonal. Craft a menu that showcases fresh local flavors. Aside from being in line with your summer theme, choosing such menu items — from main courses down to the cocktails — will also be more cost-effective for you.

Choose hydrating ingredients. Summer may sound whimsical but one truth still remains: The weather during this season can be irritatingly hot. To fight off the uncomfortable feeling brought about by the high temperature, it’s also advisable to incorporate hydrating ingredients in your menu, like watermelon, cucumbers, eggplant, and yogurt.

Serve an ample supply of beverages. If you want a surefire way of keeping your guests cool, you need to secure enough supply of drinks and cocktails. As you are having your wedding in summer, you can infuse summer-popular flavors in your beverage offerings.

Incorporate your favorite summer dish. As mentioned, it will also be great if you can add a personal touch even on your wedding menu. Do you have a favorite summer dish? Or is there a particular meal that plays a crucial role in you and your partner’s love story? Discuss it with your wedding catering Hanover PA so they can find a way to include it on your menu.

Consider dietary restrictions and allergies. Besides getting a proper head count of your guests, you should also be mindful if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies. This is important if you want your wedding menu to be enjoyed by your attendees.

Know that food presentation matters. Your summer wedding menu should not only taste good — it should also be presented in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. Your caterer must also take note of your summer theme and decorate your food setup accordingly. Most importantly, whatever menu-related decisions you have to undertake, make sure that everything is within budget.

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