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Genuine leather products – durable and comfortable – are able to maintain their original appearance and properties for a long time. Care for leather shoes at home is not only about daily cleaning, but also protecting surfaces from the damaging effects of rain, street dirt and technical salt, proper drying and storage.

Every time after wearing, boots, made of genuine leather, must be cleaned of dust. In severe soiling, shoes can be washed using a soft sponge. Work begins from the sole, first removing the remnants of adhering dirt, and then moving up to the shaft. Care should be taken to ensure that water does not enter.

Important! Water should be warm, but not hot. Leather shoes need to be washed quickly; prolonged contact with water can impair the appearance of the product.

After removing dirt, the surfaces are thoroughly wiped with a flannel or cotton cloth.

Proper care of leather shoes ends with the application of a special cream, selected taking into account the colour of the product. For greater effectiveness, it must be applied a few hours before the using, so that it can completely absorb.

To give shine to the boots, you can use velvet or a clean, dry cloth, made of cotton or flannel fabric.

Daily care for leather shoes in winter is supplemented by applying water-repellent impregnation – in addition to the usual effects of dust and dirt, the leather surface during this period is exposed to technical salt, which can destroy or ruin the material.

Immediately after acquiring a new pair of shoes in Manhattan or boots, it is worth buying the appropriate means to protect them. The service life of the new leather shoes depends on how well the care for new leather shoes is.

The most suitable are water-based creams (they are recommended to be used in the dry and warm seasons) and products that contain paraffin or wax. They protect the leather well from the effects of water and technical salt.

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