In What Situation A Physiotherapy Specialist Can Help?


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Due to the life that has become full of hustle, you can face some illnesses that restrict your body’s mobility. To increase your body’s mobility, you require a physiotherapy specialist to give your body a needed treatment. You will come to know the situations in which physiotherapy can help further below.

When Can Physiotherapy Be Used?

Physiotherapy can be used in situations that are

  • In treating respiratory conditions- The patients of cystic fibrosis(in which the lungs become clogged and the mucous becomes thick) are taught physiotherapists’ techniques. Their lungs can become less clogged by the removal of mucous from them. Physiotherapists can give patients with asthma some exercises to improve their overall lifestyle. 
  • In treating orthopaedic conditions, orthopaedic physiotherapists can treat the conditions of sprain in the body, fractures, back pains, an ache in the joints and the bones, etc. After the surgery has been done, the physiotherapist can use acupuncture, electrical stimulations, and hot and cold packs for helping in the movement of the body. The movement can be re-established after the fixing of the dislocated bone caused by the fracture. 
  • In treating neurological conditions, those who have Parkinson’s disease, strokes, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc., can improve their health condition through physiotherapy. The motor skills can be improved by taking the help of a physiotherapist.
  • In treating geriatric conditions- Certain age-related health conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, joint and hip replacement can be cured by physiotherapy. The time taken for recovering from any of these health conditions can speed up using physiotherapy. 
  • In treating childhood conditions-A, a few of the disorders caused by children, like delayed walking, hyperactivity, muscular dystrophy, etc., can be treated using physiotherapy.
  • Injuries caused to sportspersons.

In What Situation Physiotherapy Can Help?

To the covid-19 patients, physiotherapists can educate them regarding some things which are

  • The type of nutrition to take for improving the immunity of the patient.
  • The activities that a patient can perform as per their health condition, its severity, etc.
  • Emphasizing the importance of restful sleep and regulating sleep patterns.
  • The methods to cope with one’s mental health when isolated for days from others, like interacting through video calls on WhatsApp or Facebook, etc.

Thus, we witness that physiotherapists’ demand is there in almost all conditions related to physical and mental well-being. It is advisable to consult a physiotherapy specialist in case of any serious health condition.

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