Make Your Move to Indiana Much Easier with This Guide



Indiana is a U.S. state, which is located in the Great Lakes region. Its largest city is the capital Indianapolis. Indiana is also called the “Crossroads of America”. The reason is that it has more interstate highways than any other state of the country. It also has many state parks, fairs and annual sports event, reputed educational institutes and beautiful neighborhoods.

You might not be completely sure, but do want to move to the state of Indiana. Clear your doubts and make a decision after reading this guide.

Advantages of Moving to Indiana

  • Low living cost – It has a living cost index of 90.4 and comes within the ten most affordable place for living in the U.S. When you are planning to transport a vehicle to Indiana either for personal use or for business, make sure to contact a transport coordinator at Ship a Car, Inc. Based in Florida, U.S. this vehicle shipping company is an experienced broker having vast network of carriers. With their professional assistance you can remain worry-free.
  • Season – You would experience all the four seasons here.
  • Location – You can easily reach some thriving cities of America like Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, and Cleveland with a day’s drive.
  • Road trips – With less traffic congestion you can simply start off a road trip and visit museums, historical sites and parks.
  • Universities – The Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University Bloomington are renowned universities.


  • Boring social life – You would find that other than in the capital Indianapolis there is hardly anything to do.
  • Drugs – Meth labs are a big problem here.
  • Poor public transit system – People rely more on private vehicles due to lacking public transports.
  • Somewhat bland scenery of corn fields – Wherever you look you would find more and more of corns. It’s exhausting to look at the same scenery for a long stretch of time.
  • Indiana has extreme weather conditions.
  • Weird laws – Indiana has some really weird laws like horses have the right of way over vehicles and you cannot kiss someone while having mustache.

Relocation Checklist

  1. Plan your move in advance and divide the work with others.
  2. You would need to hire movers, but before that make sure you have compared the available services. They should be affordable along with proper license and insurance.
  3. Inform all the person or authority who need to know about your relocation. You should also manage the papers beforehand if you are planning to rent your house.
  4. Try to sort out necessary items from the unnecessary ones. Discard or sell what you don’t need. You can also recycle or donate some of the items.
  5. Manage the utility services.
  6. Make sure you are done with transfer of records and updating mailing address. Keep your important documents separately and safely.
  7. You would have 60 days to apply for a new driver’s license and register out-of-state vehicle in Indiana. It would be applicable after you have established your Indiana residency.

You should double-check every provision for a safe and hassle-free relocation.

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