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Those of us who are used to deal with our friends every day with dumbbells, bars, discs and derivatives, understand and know that performing the exercises with a perfect technique one hundred percent is practically impossible. Today we are going to give you some tips to improve the bench press technique.

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Unfortunately, every day we go to the gym we see many people with a pretty bad technique, not to mention null and some “let themselves” be taught while others have the ego too big to accept constructive criticism. We hope that with these little tips you will improve the technique of your surveys. For the best elbow wraps for bench press this is important now.

Position of the legs up

When we do bench press with the intention of improving our pectorals and “pulling” hard, we must always have our feet flat on the ground. In this way, we will have greater stability in the lift in addition to transferring greater force with the feet down (what is called leg drive). If we did it with our feet up, we would go from one side to the other, involving the abdomen and the lumbar , having a high risk of injury.

Position of the back in the bank

The best position to make a correct movement in bench press would be generating a small lumbar arch, without taking off the buttocks of the bank, in this way, there will be a smaller complete path, it will be easier for us to perform the uprising and we will not run the risk of involving the lumbar in the uprising.

Scapular retraction: sometimes when performing the complete lift we tend to involve more than the shoulders, to avoid this, we must retract the scapulae well , it seems simple but maintaining this position requires a lot of practice, especially to maintain it during all repetitions of each series

Grip distance: the grip should not be too open or too closed, generally it should not exceed the width of our shoulders. Closing the grip causes us to involve more the triceps and less the pectoral.

Type of grip: we must make a grip in which the bar is closed with the thumb. If we do not surround the bar with the thumb, we run the risk that the bar will fall on the sternum. For the hex press this is important.

Range of movement: we must lower the bar completely to the pectoral and never at neck height. Contrary to what many people think, it is important that we perform the complete movement by finishing the concentric phase with an articular block, otherwise we may end up generating a chronic lesion due to the loss of strength that occurs when not performing the full extension.

The weight: in order to comply with all of the above, we must find the ideal weight that allows us to perform the series and repetitions that we have indicated in our routine. Many people try to lift more weight than they really can, we must avoid this at all costs and swallow our pride to avoid injury. Find the weight that allows you to perform a correct technique, do not try to perform a correct technique with the weight you want.

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