How Does Smart Casual Fit Into Everyday Life


There are countless ways to integrate smart casual into your own everyday wardrobe. A suitable sweater that is worn over a shirt and tie, the omission of the tie or the replacement of elegant dress pants with modern cotton pants or chinos are just a few examples of many. For shoes, the suit shoes can be replaced by loafers or decorated lace-up shoes. Sneakers in combination with ankle-length dress pants are also ideal for the fashionably elegant after-work look.

Many designers nowadays consciously aim for smart casual with the modern cuts of their suits. They are mostly tailored and polarized through striking patterns or striking colors. Monochrome shirt (เสื้อยืด which is the term in Thai) under a jacket with a pocket square in combination with denim jeans or the revival of the polo shirt loosen up the office outfit according to the dress code.

Basically, Smart Casual is a kind of kit. Actually everything can be combined and in most cases everything works. In order to actually master the smart casual modular system successfully, however, you need some experience and a certain sense of style.

In Leisure Time It Can Be Casual

Off the business floor, things can be more casual than with the smart casual dress code. But there are also a few rules in the ‘casual’ area of ​​how to dress loosely but at the same time stylishly. Especially in the creative environment or in the start-up scene, the casual dress code can even be worn in the office, as long as you observe some standards:

Even if it doesn’t have to be the classic suit here, cut and quality should be important when it comes to clothing. Of course, cloth pants of various types are allowed, preferred in muted colors, but jeans are no longer a no-go. However, these should rather be chosen in dark tones and without striking washes and not in the widespread destroyed look with holes and cracks.

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