5 Astounding Tips For a Stunning Photobook


So, you want to create a gorgeous photo book! You need some tips to help you gather and organize your images for the best results. In a nutshell, you need time, planning, variety, and to study the providers you will use to create your book. This will help you come up with the best photo book and stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips:

  1. Study the Online Service Provider You’ll Use

If you have decided on which service provider you will use, it is best to check on their site. This enables you to study the different parts of the site before you begin, get an understanding of the quality of service you will experience, and get clarifications in the help section, which ensures that you avoid mistakes that can ruin your product.

  1. Take Time to Locate Photos

A great photo book requires only your best photos. Although no limit is set for the number of images you can include, it is best to tell the story using the best photos you have. This means that you need ample time to sort out your gallery and locate the ones you’d like to use. When including non-digital images, you also need time to select and scan them.

When using scanned pictures, please consider the following:

  • Don’t save your photos as JPEG images, as when printed, they can lose up to 50% of the details and colors.
  • Save your scans as 48 bit TIFF to ensure you print the best quality of your picture. Printers can use 48 bits of colors, enhancing your photo details.
  • Use the best resolution for your photo book to get the exact copy of the photo after scanning that perfectly fits your book.
  1. Design a Strategy

Depending on your photo book’s purpose, you need to come up with an organization of how you will tell your story. This can include structuring the photos according to the story’s flow and setting up folders that reflect your organizational schemes. This can also help you to stay organized throughout the entire process.

  1. Be Selective

The objective here is to present your best photographs for a supreme impression. Therefore, it is crucial to be careful when choosing photos for your book. Be sure to be guided by the book’s purpose to ensure that the images selected meet the objective. When selecting, it is necessary to consider the quality of the shots and how they can be edited.

  1. Use a Variety of Photos

To develop a stunning photo book, you can choose photos that are horizontal, vertical, portraits, landscapes, and panoramas in order to vary the look and keep the storyline interesting. You can also have candid, formals, selfies, action shots, and group portraits for different photos.

Finally, note that there is no right or wrong way to create a photo book. However, you can take the steps above and create a great and influential book without being stressed in the process. If you are not confident in designing the book, you can use Mixbook pre-designed templates that makes your work easier by handling the hard stuff. You can learn more through their website. 

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