Highlights On Cable Identifier And Industrial Automation


We have observed the development and increasing application of industrial automation elements in the most diverse factory floors. However, all machinery has a massive variety of cables and wires, whether for connection to other electronic devices or even for its own operation. Having a cable identifier is essential in this type of scenario.

A cable identifier does much more than just point out the one you are looking for. It has several other functions and industrial solutions that are of great value for those who work with machine maintenance.

What Are The Uses Of Cable Identifiers?

There are countless benefits and facilities that the organization offered by the cable identifier can bring to your daily life:

  • help in testing machines – without identifying cables during the process of assembling test machines, solving problems will take a much longer time;
  • assists in the customer support process – is your customer questioning you about the operation of the machine or its processes? It is much simpler and more assertive to explain when the cables are correctly identified;
  • maintenance carried out by the customer himself – if the customer carries out the maintenance of the machinery on his own, having all cables within easy access and identification makes the process simpler.

A well-organized factory floor makes carrying out the most diverse processes much more assertive. In the midst of a multitude of cables and wires, finding a specific one – if there is no correct identification – can be an almost impossible task.

What do I need to pay attention to when installing the identifier?

It is necessary to pay attention to some points for the identification to be satisfactory . Check out:

  • use quality materials so that the identification does not fall from the cable;
  • use materials that resist water and other fluids, in the case of machinery that requires this type of product;
  • write legibly. A good solution may be laser identification .

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