How To Make Money Online: Four Best Ways


With digital marketing, you can make money online through a lot of means. In this content, we are going to give just some examples of how to make money on the Internet (doing things well and with a little luck). The following are some of them:


Since the logbooks came to light a few years ago, they have increased of all types, themes, and formats. Those who were pioneers in their subjects or those who cared for both the form and especially the fund, usually managed to attract brands and advertisers or sponsors until they became their way of life.

Hence, together with other channels that we will analyze later, a phenomenon much more current than the blogs from which they come arises.

Therefore, monetizing a blog is possible through advertising inserted in the site itself, sponsorship or prescription of brands or services, attendance at events that are later reflected in the blog, etc.

YouTube Channel

The case of the blog multiplies exponentially when we talk about blogs (video-blogs). Such is the power of persuasion that “YouTubers” have on their followers that leading brands have long seen in them, the best way to advertise their products.

It is evident that not all YouTubers handle these business figures, but it is also true that from a number of views, YouTube can request to be your partner and publish ads in your videos. Once the ad is inserted, each time it is displayed, the author of the video will receive money from YouTube.

Online Store

With online marketing, (การ ทำการ ตลาด ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) it is no longer necessary to have a physical store to be able to sell. What’s more, an online store, in addition to requiring less infrastructure, and therefore generating fewer expenses can also go much further.

Writing Articles For Others

If we are experts in a subject and someone requires our collaboration to generate quality content for their blogs, why not monetize our knowledge? Surely each of you is a specialist in a subject, and most likely, there will be someone willing to pay for it.

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