How Does Breast Augmentation Work?


Breasts in women represent motherhood and show the ability to nurture. In addition, breasts define beauty and sexuality. Unlike in men, where they do not mean anything, women’s breasts are private and treated like genitals. Anyway, they are in different sizes naturally, and it’s not something you have a choice over. Luckily, with Pasadena breast augmentation, you can change your breast size or shape to your preference. In this article, we look at how breast augmentation works.

What is breast augmentation?

It’s a surgical procedure to enhance the size of breasts. It involves increasing small-sized breasts or creating a symmetrical outline.

You may decide to change your breast size due to different reasons, including self-esteem issues, or to improve your body appearance. Other reasons you might need a breast augmentation include restoring your breast volume after breastfeeding or weight loss. Breast augmentation also enhances skin tightening around your breasts to reduce the sagging appearance.

You can qualify for a breast augmentation procedure if you are healthy and have a clear image of your expected results.

What to expect during the consultation for breast augmentation?

Your provider discusses your desired results and expectations from the procedure. Then they go ahead to check your medical history, breast volume, mammograms results, and any other factor that may affect the treatment.

Your provider also performs a comprehensive physical exam, which includes taking the exact measurements of your breasts. The records allow your provider to choose the suitable size and shape of the breast implants. It is critical to ensure your provider is a qualified and certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation.

Your surgeon will also take you through the side effects of the procedure, including cell anaplastic lymphoma, which occurs after using textured surface implants. Besides, he gives the facts about the procedure and recommendations.

At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, they only offer FDA-proven implants that consist of biocompatible and medical-grade silicone components. The implants come empty or prefilled with a silicone gel. When not filled, your provider fills them using a sterile saline solution.

The breast augmentation procedure

Your provider focuses on giving the best and natural results, despite his choice of placement. The location of the incision placement depends on your shape, the extent of enlargement, type of implant, and size of the scar.

You can expect immediate results from breast augmentation, but permanent results may occur within three months after surgery. It is essential to stay away from heavy work or exercise for not less than six weeks.

Is a breast lift the same as breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation allows you to alter the shape and size of your breasts, while a breast lift helps you raise sagging breasts. Hence, if you have sagging breasts, a breast lift surgery may give you your desired results, as compared to breast augmentation.

Suppose you are not content with your breast size or shape, a breast augmentation procedure can help you achieve your desired breast figure. It is safe and gives excellent natural results. Consider contacting Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today to schedule your consultation.

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