Healthy Tips to Maintaining Good Health


There is a lot said about our health, how to prevent diseases, and preserve it for long. But to be sincere, when it comes to our health, it’s the small details that matter. Things like what you eat, your fitness routine, lifestyle habits, medical checkups history, among others. Your mental health state has a role to play too. Pompeyo C Chavez MD has all the solutions to living a healthy life, by providing advanced and customized primary care. Here are some of his services that improve healthy living.

Preventative health

We all know that prevention is the best cure. Good health begins when we stay away from things we know can put our health at risk. Preventative care helps lower your risk of health conditions and may include the following:

  •         Regular health screenings
  •         Men and women’s health exams
  •         Immunizations
  •         Weight loss and nutritional support
  •         School and sports and physicals
  •         Blood pressure and cholesterol checks
  •         Mental health screening

Preventative care is for all patients including children and has the following health benefits.

  •         Early detection and treatment of diseases
  •         Prevention of chronic diseases
  •         Improves overall work and energy output
  •         Slows the development of chronic illnesses
  •         Preserves your health and wellness for long
  •         Identification and lowering of health risk factors

High blood pressure and high cholesterol

It is critical to have a regular check at your high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The two conditions go hand in hand, putting your health even at a greater risk.

High levels of blood pressure and cholesterol may lead to the following conditions.

  •         Heart disease
  •         Stroke
  •         Kidney disease
  •         Blood clots
  •         Heart attack
  •         Aneurysm

It is essential to ensure you have your high blood pressure and cholesterol levels in control at all times. Regular screening can help manage the two conditions. Other factors may include:

  •         Lifestyle modifications
  •         Annual physical exams
  •         Weight-loss
  •         Stopping smoking

Obesity and weight loss

Having an unhealthy weight puts your health at risk of health complications including, heart disease. Usually, you have excessive weight when you have a body mass index or BMI of 30 and above. Your health provider works with you to lower your health risks by offering healthy weight-loss programs.

As much as weight loss is not easy, we can fail to appreciate its health benefits, which includes:

  •         Decreased blood pressure
  •         Better quality sleep
  •         Improved mood and self-confidence
  •         Reduced chronic pain
  •         Better immune response


It is a common chronic disease affecting millions of individuals today. It occurs when you have excess blood sugar. Diabetes may result from lifestyle factors or family history.

When not properly managed, diabetes may become severe and cause complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, foot, and eye health issues, cognitive problems, and more. Managing diabetes allows you to live a healthy life and lowers your health risks.

We can agree that we can achieve healthy living by observing healthy lifestyle habits and avoiding the risk factors. Regular health exams are essential in maintaining good health too. Consult with your provider or contact Dr. Chavez today to identify what you need to improve your health.

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