Get to know About Senior Dental and Medical Care


Older adults above sixty have begun taking an even more considerable proportion of the world’s population. This is due to the recent advancements in technology and medical care. This has resulted in people adopting better healthy lifestyles that have led to them living longer. Dr. Polina Zaydenberg is a renowned physician specializing in senior medical and dental care at CHW Cares facility. Read on to learn further about what services this practice offers.

What is entailed in Senior Medical and Dental Care?

As you get older, your body becomes different and thus this brings health problems that you were not experiencing when you were younger. This has led to the need for a specialized doctor known as a geriatrician who focuses on senior medical care for adults of ages sixty-five or higher. It is recommended that you start getting educational information as early as at age sixty to prepare yourself for the future.

These health conditions may be unique and require special attention. Some of these problems may include:

  •         Diabetes
  •         Delirium
  •         Sleep problems
  •         Bladder control issues
  •         Problems with balance
  •         Declining mental health
  •         Confusion
  •         Dementia
  •         Weight loss
  •         Prostate problems
  •         Memory loss
  •         Hearing loss
  •         Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder
  •         High blood pressure
  •         Falling repeatedly
  •         Brittle bones

Extra care may be required for mental illness, disabilities or social problems.

As you get to this age, it is advisable to have regular medical checkups for continuous assessment. Some of the tests done during your yearly check involve the following:

  •         Blood pressure check
  •         Body mass index
  •         Blood work checks to look for vitamin deficiencies or cholesterol levels
  •         Colonoscopy
  •         Fall risk assessment
  •         Depression Screening
  •         Mammogram
  •         Prostate screening
  •         Medication guidance
  •         Immunizations and vaccines
  •         Information about smoking cessations

Aging is typically clumsy as your coordination and balance may be weakened. This increases the risk of falling, which may result in even further damage in the form of broken bones or serious injuries. Falling is among the most common causes of death and injuries among the elderly. A few pointers for the elderly to avoid falling include:

  •         Avoid stairs unless necessary
  •         Move clutter out of your way
  •         Get brighter lighting in areas around the bedroom, bathrooms and hallways
  •         Wear socks and shoes that cannot slip easily
  •         Get non-slip floor mats around the house and bathroom

Senior dental care is quite rampant with several problems such as:

  •         Dry mouth
  •         Darkened teeth
  •         Root decay
  •         Tooth loss
  •         Thrush
  •         Lessened sense of taste
  •         Gum disease
  •         Uneven jawbone

Some of these dental problems may be avoided by practices like:

  •         Flossing daily
  •         Regular dental visits
  •         Brushing more than once a day with toothpaste with fluorides
  •         Rinse with antiseptic handwash

You have to learn how to take care of your body, especially as you get older. This is because your body is deteriorating, and special care needs to be applied. Visit our website or call our offices in New York, NY, to book a consultation.

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