Read this to know about different types of cosmetics:


Cosmetics are equally popular among men and women. Everyone wants to look more beautiful by using different Cosmetics [เวชสำอาง which is the term in Thai]. Every day, a new cosmetic product launches in the market and competition gets tough day by day. Due to this selection of correct cosmetics also becomes difficult. There are many websites from where you can buy reliable cosmetics products at discounted rates.

Various kinds of cosmetics available in the market:

There are many types of cosmetics available in the market and on different online stores are listed below

  • Makeup cosmetics: This type of cosmetics includes primer, concealer, foundation, face powder or compact powder, eyeshadow pallets, eyeliner, and mascara.

Ø  Skincare Cosmetics: This includes moisturizers, face masks, peel-off masks, cleansers, toners, face wash, day and night creams, serums and faces oils.

Ø  Haircare Cosmetics: It includes hair oils, shampoo, hair dyes, dry shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, hair gels, hair extensions, etc.

Ø  Other Common Cosmetics: Bath oils, bathing bombs, baby products, fragrances, colognes, hand sanitizers, colored contact lenses, manicure products, pedicure products, eye creams, etc.

Know about the hub of the cosmetic industry:

There are many countries in the world where cosmetics industries are situated. But France is still the hub of the cosmetics industry. France is very popular nationally and internationally because of its cosmetics products. Almost every product is label as made in France. Japan and Korea are the second popular countries because of their skincare cosmetics products. Their skincare products are getting popular day by day because of their good quality and affordable prices. Almost everyone can buy cosmetics products to look young and beautiful. If you invest in the right product, it will give you a lasting effect. The best way to know which product will be the right fit for you is to know your skin type first.

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