What to Expect in Primary Health Care?


As much as good health occurs freely to us, it is our responsibility to ensure that we sustain it as long as we live. Primary healthcare is our first step to achieving quality healthcare. It involves providing quality and affordable care needed in our daily lives. It offers preventative care, management of chronic illnesses, and medical care to restore your health. Covington, GA, primary care center, provides comprehensive primary and urgent care to patients of all ages. This article looks at the services you can expect to find in a primary care practice.

Wellness visits

One of the critical roles of primary care is to provide preventative care, preserve your health and lower your risks of health complications.

Wellness visits are a part of preventative care. They involve regular health checkups that include:

  •         Screening of diseases
  •         Medical examinations
  •         Diagnosis and treatment of health conditions
  •         Preventive services
  •         Vital signs check

Wellness exams are critical in maintaining good health and wellness.

Health providers recommend wellness visits for every individual, including children, every year, even when feeling healthy.

Urgent visit

Emergency health needs can occur at any given time. Having a place where you can access your health needs at any time of the day or night is critical. A chance to see a health provider without waiting for the scheduled appointment can help save your life and even prevent further health complications.

Usually, any health needs you feel cannot wait for the appointed time with your doctor requires urgent care. Here are some of the issues you can have that may need urgent care.

  •         Cold and flu symptoms
  •         Migraines
  •         Sore throat
  •         Asthma symptoms
  •         Sprains and strains
  •         Urinary tract infections
  •         Chronic disease management
  •         Sexually transmitted diseases
  •         Strep throat
  •         Seizures

Women’s health

Women’s health needs are unique and require special attention. Having some of their issues sorted at the primary care level makes all the difference. Women are essential creatures in our communities, and promoting their health and wellness is critical.

The following are the women’s health services available.

  •         Well-woman exams
  •         Cervical and breast cancer screening
  •         Hormone therapy
  •         Mammograms
  •         Birth control methods
  •         Endometrial biopsies


How amazing is it to access healthcare services at the comfort of your home? That is what telehealth is all about, receiving medical care services through your phone or computer.

Telehealth gives you many benefits, including:

  •         Saving your cost
  •         Preserves your privacy
  •         Convenient
  •         Saves your time
  •         It prevents your exposure to sick patients
  •         You can access it anywhere, including at your workplace

Usually, telehealth allows you to access all medical care services as you would during a routine appointment, however in some cases, they may require your in-office attendance.


Medical exams are needed to prove your wellness before joining an institution such as school or work or before participating in sports activities. A physical involves evaluating your health through health history review, medical examination, diagnostic testing, and checking your vital health signs.

Primary healthcare is crucial in our daily lives to ensure healthy living. It preserves our health through preventative care, diagnosis, management, and treatment of medical conditions. Make sure to keep in touch with your primary health provider to maintain your health. Contact Oasis Healthcare Service today to schedule your appointment.

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