Dealing with a Termite Infestation by Knowing Where they Come From

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How to get rid of termites: Termite treatments, signs to know

Termites are among the most common pests that homeowners have to deal with. As a homeowner, it helps to know where termites come from to keep them out of your home. Termites eat rotted wood but where do they come from? The most common kind of termite comes from the ground. They live, build big colonies, and serve their queen here. If you spot termites somewhere in your home, you probably don’t mind knowing where they come from since you just focus on getting rid of them. However, if you want to eliminate and prevent them from invading your property, you must know where they come from. A company that specializes in pest control Austin can help you deal with a termite infestation professionally. 

The Natural Habitat of Termites

There are different species of termites but drywood, subterranean, and dampwood termites are the most common. Every type of termite has its preferred habit and point of origin. Drywood termites come from dry wood habitats such as suburban developments, forests, and woodshop. In your home, you can find them in furniture and firewood. Dampwood termites prefer environments rich in moisture. They love rotted wood and trees. They are drawn to homes that have leaks and high humidity. Lastly, subterranean termites also prefer to be in a moisture-rich environment. But, these termites build mud tunnels to access food sources. 

How You are You Inviting Termites into Your Home

As with most pests, termites are drawn to your home because of food, shelter, and water. Termites consume wood and cellulose material and this the reason they love firewood, paper, lumber, and framing. Also, they prefer a warm, dark, and wet home. That is why you may find them in the attic, garage, and crawl space. And when it comes to moisture, they get their fill through moist soil. Downspouts or gutters that do not drain properly can quickly become their territory.

Preventing Termites from Invading Your Home

Take proactive measures will make prevent termites from being attracted to your house. Make sure to schedule annual termite inspections. While you spend money on expert consultation and inspection, you can save a lot on repair costs. Also, pay attention to possible hidden leaks in your home that could create damp spots that attract termites. Make sure to seal gaps and tighten fittings. Ensure woodpiles are placed away from the foundation of your home. Termites thrive on wood and you could sacrifice the integrity of your home’s foundation if you draw them to your home with wood near it. 

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