Kill the bacteria and virus that is present in the home:

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If someone thinks that the virus, bacteria and pollution is only found outside of the house. Then, the person is completely wrong in this. Pollution, virus and bacteria are also found in the home. Because, logically, these things travel by air. And, the same air that someone is breathing outside is the same inside the house. And, people living in the house will open windows, doors and other things of the house. From there these things can enter into the house. That can cause health issues to the people living inside the safe.

In simple words, one can say that no one is safe even inside the house. From pollution, virus or bacteria. That is why it is very important to kill those germs and virus and take out the pollution that is inside the home. For that, a person can install uvc light in their house. UV means ultraviolet light and C is the UV light. But after installing it one can easily say that the house is protected from all kind of things.

Why UVS is important for a house?

House is also not a safe place. If someone is running away from pollution and other things. Because pollution can easily enter the house. But UV light can easily kill all bacteria and pollution. People can also see that because everything is visible under the ultraviolet light. People just need to choose the type of UV light for their house. UV light can be categorised in three parts. That is UVA, UVB and UVC. These three are categorised based on their wavelength.

Also, think about the radiation

If the wavelength is shorter then the UV rays are much more harmful. Yes, it kills all the gems, pollution and virus. But it is also true that it damages the body too. Because of the radiation that it emits.

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