Is there any other traditional method to clean carpets? What is the step to follow the traditional cleaning method?

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Carpets that are laid in the house can be able to clean easier. But those carpets in cars and other heavy vehicles like buses, Lorries are harder to clean. Because while cleaning house carpets cleaners, would get enough space to clean those pads. But while cleaning, the car and heavy vehicle carpets, he would not get enough space and comfortable to clean. If the stains are removed by hand cleaning, it might be easier to complete the process. But some stains can’t be cleaned using clothes and water. So, with the help of a vacuum and steaming machine, we could able to clean it.

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How to use a hot water extraction machine to clean the carpets?

The dust that we see in our car carpet extractor machinewould always be like dry soil. So only with the help of some chemical spray, we could able to remove the dry soil dust particle. First, you should get the best quality cleaning sprayer, and then spray your car carpet until it is wet a little bit. While spraying, the cleaner should spray for the whole carpet because we couldn’t find the minute dust particles, so it is better to sprinkle on all of its surfaces. After spraying, let the carpet dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Only the chemicals would do its work. Then by using the brush, rub the surface of the carpet. If any stains stick to the carpet until it disappears, you should rub it. For a hint, while cleaning, you can see some differences between the cleaned and un cleaned areas.

Other than extractor and streamer, is there any possibility to clean home carpets?

If you do not have any streamer and extractor to clean up your carpet sheet, there is an additional method to clean it. Baking soda acts as a dust detergent. Sometimes, it is impossible to clean the dark spots on the kitchen carpet. So with the help of baking soda, we can clean the uncleanable stains and dark spots. When used in cleaning carpet sheets, the powder helps to revitalize and freshenthe carpets. The leading cause of baking soda is inexpensive bicarbonate solution with sodium. And by using baking soda, we could avoid a more impact on its surroundings. Before cleaning machines, people would use baking soda to clean the stains and odours with an ease.

Can we add baking soda to the streaming machine?

If you do not have any chemical liquids to add with your streaming machine, by adding the mixed baking water, you could able to clean the carpet. Depending on the type of carpet stain you have, the amount can be added and reduced. In case of removing the juicy stains, sprinkle a little dusting of baked soda over the spilled area. Then pour some amount of hot water on its surface so that the soda would function a little faster. When you see in chemical liquids would have high removing ability than baking soda, the cleaner needs no additional pressure to remove the stain.

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