Be consistent across channels to boost your social media branding.


We exist at a time where we are socializing less in the physical world and more in the cyber domain. Our online buddies have surpassed the amount we have offline for a long time. Likewise, some of us will not let a single moment slip without sharing notifications, connections and photographs on our favorite web network. We may provide further details of how our culture now revolves absolutely around social media and how to boost my social media presence.

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Simply put, we are still on the social media looking for someone to talk to and share our moments with. This is our very practice that has created huge opportunities for companies and brands to build on. We are a priority because we are rarely off-line. We can be spoken to, persuaded, committed and inspired to shop, either to pay attention or to purchase one commodity or to make use of other resources.

We know that marketers are jostling for space and battling for our answers. We know why our favorite TV channel or regular soaps or characters have their social media in order to get to know our opinions. Likewise, every household object of ours has ‘fans’ and admirers who are either an established customer or are about to be. Even our credit card business is in the right place peddling its products and wooing more customers.

In the middle of all this turmoil, what would we ever thought of encouraging something in the capacity of a businessman? What are we going to do then? How will we cope with all the current and unexpected problems and clusters that can come in our way? We know we will not sell anything on our own; we are going to need a marketer to put our brand equity forward.

Even the marketer does not find it convenient to maneuver through the competition that occurs on social media. The tasks will be cut out and the main challenge would be to maintain consistency across social media channels in order to get the right messages across. Given the growing range of outlets, it will take a lot to consider different audiences and to approach consumers accordingly.

If it is Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+, the marketer has to come up with a completely new range of tactics to exploit the individuality and specialties of each site. No strategy would work unless the target audience is fully understood; you cannot afford to waste money where no one is involved in your ideas.

As a marketer, you will try to create a familiar look for your brand and try to lace it with unwavering consistency. Your brand voice should never vary from medium to medium, and the sound must have a great deal of consistency across all channels. You need to be a regular on social sites, and you can re-use existing content to make it relevant at times.

In a way, you need a sustained effort to get the desired results from your social media branding. You just cannot sit and rest on the laurels of the past. After all, every day brings with it a new set of challenges, and only an up-and – coming marketer knows how to translate them into opportunities to get the most out of social media.

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