How to Make Money on Your Smartphone With IQ Option


Online trading is a common thing for the current world. Traders don’t want to rush into the stock market. Rather they like to go for trading online sitting on their home. So it got popular day by day. Many people got dependent on it and earn money regularly. IQ Option is the leading online trading platform. It got much popularity worldwide.

People reliably trade on the IQ option platform. IQ option got an app version for smartphones. Using the app people can trade from anywhere and can make money. If you are a newbie to online trading then there is no way for you to know about it. That’s why we discussed it later. If you want to know more about this topic then keep reading this article.

IQ option:

IQ Option is an online trading platform authorized in 178 countries worldwide. It was founded in 2013. It is a user-friendly platform for online traders. It offers trading with binary, ETF, Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, etc. variable binary options. It offers traders the highest trading payout in trading. It is based in Cyprus. It can not accept traders from several countries including the USA, Canada, etc. It accommodating 16 different languages worldwide.

IQ Option in Smartphone:

A smartphone is a very important tool for our daily life. Most of the people using it now for various purposes. IQ option app is the app version for smartphones. Using the app, people can directly trade on the platform. This app has a proprietary custom-built platform. It is very well designed and user friendly. People can easily trade a variety of assets and financial instruments using this app. It is called as the all-around app that can fulfill the trader necessity.

Making Money on Smartphone With IQ Option:

A smartphone is an interesting tool for our daily life. It can be used to earn money by trading on the IQ option. If people can make a success with the IQ option, then the profit comes directly to the account. The money can easily withdraw using the credit card or by banking. To use this platform, you need to create an account on the platform. IQ option has 3 types of accounts. They are demo account, real account, vip account. To start trading you need a minimum deposit of 10$. That gives you access to a standard real account.

Starting with Smartphone

While trading from a smartphone, firstly you need to choose a trading asset in IQ option. Then you need to click the plus mark icon and select digital options. Secondly you need to set up the candle chart and candle time-period for trading. Thirdly the available indicator should set up which will support on IQ option trading strategy. From the indicator box, the tool should select according to requirement. Fourthly the expiration time and the amount should choose from the app. Again the higher and lower should also be chosen.

If you want to bet the price increase than the current price, you should choose higher. If you want to bet the price decrease than the current price, you should choose lower. Thus you can conduct trading within this process. There is an option where the trading expiration time is only 15 minutes. You can earn early money in this process.

You need to observe the 5-minute candlestick chart to do the trading. After trading, the money will directly add to your account and you can withdraw it with your debit/credit card. So it is quite easy to make money with smartphones through online trading.

Before trading IQ Option with a smartphone, some facts should be checked properly. The smartphone should be charged properly before trading. If there is a sudden failure of power while the trading is running and the price is in a favorable zone, then it will be a quite unlucky and sad moment. The stability of the network is another important thing.

While connecting to the mobile network, a stable 3G/ 4G network should be good. While connecting to the wifi network make sure there are no disruptions of the signal. Otherwise it will hamper the trading. The one-touch trading feature should be turned off on the smartphone. Otherwise a light touch can cost an unwanted amount of money.

So every button should be used wisely. The smartphone should always turn on standby for incoming calls. The trading calls come suddenly. So be prepared for calls during trading. While trading on the IQ option app, these factors should look upon.


Trading on IQ options in smartphones can lead to earning a huge amount of money. Using wit in trading can help for making money. The IQ option app helps largely in this purpose.

In this article, we have given a perfect review of making money on smartphones using the online trading platform IQ option. Hope you found this information useful.

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