Art and Cannabis: How Aspiring Artists Get Inspired with Marijuana


With the legalization of medical marijuana (MMJ) and even recreational cannabis in some parts of the world, more and more aspiring artists have access to this plant. Because of this, they can maximise the talents they have discovered and even their untapped potentials, allowing them to create masterpieces just like thousands of artists-cannabis enthusiasts before them.

As an aspiring artist, here’s how marijuana, particularly cannabidiol, can help you get inspired:

How Cannabidiol Inspires Artists

  • It Triggers the Imagination

The two main chemical compounds of cannabis, namely cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are known to induce creativity. The mild psychoactive effects of CBD stimulate the brain, allowing users to think up imaginative ways to conduct their passion. Whether you are a painter, sculpture, writer, musician or another kind of artist, you can benefit from CBD. Moreover, the potent psychoactivity induced by THC can be a unique source of inspiration for your art.

By intaking cannabis, as you create your art, you can get a brain high with CBD and revel in the euphoric effects of THC once you create your masterpiece.

  • It Sustains Artists with Energy

Artists may have innate talents and learned skills and knowledge which they apply to their creative process, but one enemy of an artist is exhaustion. After all, true art can take a toll not only on your mind and emotions but also on your body. Good thing cannabis can give you an energy boost which you can definitely use to work on your art and even finish it sooner than you intended.

  • It Can Help Give Art Meaning

Perhaps one of the most important roles of art aside from its aesthetic value is its meaning. Even without cannabinoids, artists incorporate meaning in everything they create. A painting of a castle is not merely a castle when the artist (and viewers) put much thought to it.

However, if you need a nudge or inspiration, cannabis can truly help. It helps facilitate cognition, focus and calmness which aids in the creative process. Whether you want to be subtle or explicit in your conveyance, you can think up for creative ways to express your message with marijuana.

With cannabis and cannabidiol, artists can truly make the most of their natural and acquired talents. If you are an aspiring artist (or are already one), consuming marijuana can help take your art to the next level. Who knows, you can even become the Bob Dylan, Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Basquiat of the next generation.

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