What to Do with Lottery Jackpot Money? An Economist Explains All


Winning a lottery can be quite daunting and exciting at the same time. After all, winning huge money in a lottery jackpot is the straight ticket to fulfilling all dreams and fantasies for anybody. It may also be quite scary given the sudden change in the financial and personal situation one experiences. Many of the jackpot winners take until the last day to come forward to collect the prize and most of them do it anonymously. The winners get nervous regarding the long-term implication of the money and hence choose not to reveal their identities publicly.

Imagine this sudden change in your life or your friend’s life – winning a jackpot of huge money! What would one possibly do with the money? Maybe travel the world and travel to places, which are exotic and fulfilling. However, can you imagine spending it all in a short span and getting back to where you were a few months ago? Well, that happens! While some of us go for the right financial planning, many wastes away their riches without even realizing what they lost or gained out of it. Here are some tips from our experienced economists on how to hold yourself together while experiencing such a big change in life!

  1. Self-Control Is the Key: Some times when you win a big jackpot, it can get tough to maintain restraint with your spending. Many lottery winners have wasted away their winnings and then realized that they had lost something that they gained with a lot of luck and hard work. Hence, working towards not spending it all at once and making sound financial planning of all the available resources will work wonders for long-term happiness as well. The more experienced and stable winners go in for releasing the money in batches rather than lump sum amounts. This will keep your spending balanced and in control.
  1. Friends and Family: It can be quite a feeling on how to deal will family, friends, and relatives once you have this ‘rags to riches overnight’ kind of story. The ones, who are close to you and understand you well, will, of course, remain the same no matter what changes in your life. However, some other extended relatives whom you have never seen might turn up at your doorstep and ask for some money or other help. Dealing with this can be very tricky! In such a situation, keep all your best people close by and share your money and happiness with them, filtering out the undeserving people in your life. This will bring in a lot of stability in your personal life as well!
  1. Make Yourself Happy: Well, there are some things in this world that money cannot buy! But there are some others, which can be bought and can make you happy. Imagine that ‘once an expensive bag’ or car or anything else you have always wanted to get? If you plan your spending well, then buying those expensive things will not only make you happy but will also not give you this feeling of ‘Am I spending too much or too little”?! Choose how to make yourself happy and do it!

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