Overcome Anxiety with the help and assistance of therapists in Sheffield


With significant changes around us, the career opportunities are also increasing. Various industries are looking for the best-suited employees for them, whereas the aspirants are exerting a lot of their efforts to get recruited by their dream company. It has become a widespread complaint of many aspirants that they passed with flying colors in the written exams multiple times, but the interview results were what rejected them.

The problem doesn’t only lie in their interview preparation, as most of the times the interviewers are looking for out of the box answers to conventional questions. It’s sometimes their personality which the interviewer didn’t like, maybe their body language or even it may be a very common issue of anxiety disorder which turned the interviewers’ whole concentration to the interviewee’s tapping feet.

Anxiety disorders can really ruin your job interview even if you have prepared to the best of your ability. Interviewers judge your confidence level the most because your CV or Resume is partly enough for the interviewers to assess your qualities, skills, and knowledge according to the job description. They check how fluent, how confident, how effective you can be in answering their questions and most importantly, how much you’re going to benefit the company.

What is really an anxiety disorder?

  • Anxiety disorder is a mental illness which causes intemperate fear, nervousness, and weariness in a particular situation.
  • Anxiety disorders are curable in nature.
  • There are fantastic therapists in Sheffield who can help a person with such mental illness with their best therapies available.

What are some therapies that the therapists apply?

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy: The ACT therapist focuses on the client’s every minute details, from what is causing him sadness to what is causing him happiness. The therapist analyzes what level of fear or nervousness makes the client crazy. According to this information, the therapist cooks various stories, puts questions, asks simple exercises, educates about the workings of the mind and heart.
  • Havening: This therapy is generally used on clients with extreme trauma cases, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety. This approach helps the client to disconnect himself from what happened to him in the past, which affected him so much. This therapy is really helpful in gradually removing the client’s unscrupulous old memories, which causes individual trauma. This is kind of a talking therapy approach which is applied with the help of modern psychological therapies to get the best results.

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