3 Reasons Why Microneedling is So Popular


Wrinkles and fines lines make you start avoiding looking at your face. Everyone wants to look young. However, environmental factors and age can, over time, cause the skin to start creasing. If you have had acne, scars may ruin your complexion. At this point, skin rejuvenation may help. You may not love the idea of a facelift because surgery presents its risks and has longer recovery times. To get rid of those wrinkles and restore a younger-looking facial appearance, a minimally invasive skin treatment procedure like microneedling may be your best bet. Just reach out to a Bowling Green microneedling specialist for evaluation and start the treatment if found to be an ideal candidate.

How Microneedling Works

A handheld, pen-type device is used to perform the treatment. This device has tiny needles that a specialist passes over your face numerous times. The device creates tiny wounds within the skin, allowing the blood to come to the surface. Naturally, when the skin has a wound, the body responds to produce more collagen and elastin to assist in the healing. The same thing happens when microneedling is done because it creates some minuscule wounds in the skin.

Collagen is essential because it is the protein that keeps the skin soft, supple, and looking young. As people age, they lose collagen, causing lines and wrinkles or creases to form on the skin. Elastin, the main protein within the connective tissues, gives the skin the elasticity it needs. However, as people age, they lose some elastin, causing the cheeks, for example, to sag and become hollow. Microneedling helps to stimulate the production of collagen. Once you receive the treatment, new collagen and elastin move to the area where they assist in the healing process. After healing, you have a fuller, softer, and youthful glow in your skin. The specialist may have to perform a few treatments to ensure the full benefits of the process – ideally, three to six treatments. 

Reasons Why Microneedling is Very Popular?

Although there are many skin treatment options, such as dermal fillers, laser treatments, and injectables, microneedling is still very popular. Here are the reasons.

Works for All Skin types 

People with different skin types and tones can benefit from microneedling. The procedure is safe for every skin type and tone. Additionally, microneedling works well to minimize the look of acne scars or stretch marks. By building up the collagen underneath the acne scar craters, the procedure helps smooth out the skin depressions. 

Healing Nutrients Embedded into the Skin

Since microneedling creates tiny pinpricks, it enables healing nutrients to be delivered and penetrate deeply into the skin. For instance, vitamin C, A, and E are found in the serums that move down into the dermis to help repair and restore the tissue. 

Quick Recovery, No Downtime

A significant advantage with microneedling is the fast recovery time compared to other options like a surgical facelift that would require weeks of a recovery period. After microneedling, the skin may look like it has a sunburn, but this lasts for a few days and should not be a concern as it will quickly subside. You can get to work or school almost the same day if you are comfortable with the facial redness and irritation after the procedure.

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