What mistakes beginners steroids users make


Very often, beginner rolls find that the past few months

Very often, beginner rolls find that the past few months have ended without a trace, almost without adding muscle mass. And is there any sense in this case to expect a miracle and continue to adhere to the old training / rest regimen? A lot of people have been waiting for years, calling themselves hardgainers. More inquiring minds try to Buy Stanozolol Oral from Pumpers.co that prevent them from achieving success. Here we look at the most common mistakes that beginners make most often. Are you making at least one of these errors? So, you are already hampering yourself on the path to success.

  1. The race for strength.

The larger the muscles, the stronger the muscles, no doubt – this is a fact. However, there is no directly proportional relationship, and this must be taken into account. Strength can increase to a certain level without increasing muscle volume. Taking a bigger bar today does not necessarily give you muscle growth tomorrow. And many beginners just look at the huge dumbbells.

  1. Outrageous weights.

Negative or forced repetitions that are sometimes used to “shock” the muscles will not be considered here. This is about regular training. Only a unique technique allows you to fully load a specific muscle group. Does it make sense to pump pectorals if you press the bar with triceps and front deltas? The chest still remains flat. Discard 10% of the applied balance if the technique is far from ideal, and hone it.

  1. Very fast weight building.

At the last training session, you were pulling 80kg, and now you are in a good mood and you are eager to squeeze 100kg. And then it will be 110, 130, 140, etc. In fact, it’s good if you can reap the same 80kg for your next workout. Increase the weight step by step by a few kilograms (5-10), because the mass and strength do not grow like yeast. A gradual increase in load will avoid getting into stagnation and overtraining.

  1. Ignoring the danger of injury.

You can tuck a joint, pinch a nerve or tear a muscle only once, but you will already be thrown far back. Forget about sudden movements of the body when doing exercises, about chatter with friends and other distractions. Focus on your workout technique. Well, probably everyone knows about the warm-up.

  1. Extra exercises.

There are many different exercises, but only a few contribute to the increase in mass. Is your biceps almost the same as your wife? Forget about isolated exercises, and concentrate all your strength on these exercises:

  • · Chest presses.
  • · Deadlift.
  • · Pullups.
  • · Leg presses.
  • · Squats.
  1. Refusal of squats.

Many beginner pitching do not do barbell squats due to the trauma of this exercise. And also from the base as a whole. Yes, there is a risk of injury, but it is minimal if safety precautions are followed. But it has long been known that squats are very effective in gaining muscle mass.

  1. Refusal from deadlift.

This refusal is justified only by problems with the spine. Deadlifts, as well as barbell squats, are great exercises for weight gain. Of course, you need to really assess your physical capabilities and pay maximum attention to technology.

  1. Little effort.

A lot of people mess around in the hall, and then they also complain that the mass is stuck on the same level. Are you sure you give all the best for 100%, every workout?

  1. Random training.

Like messy connections, they are meaningless, and even harmful. A lot of people train the muscles that they like best, or even manage to visit each simulator in one training session. The result is morning exercises, not training.

Train different muscle groups on different days. For example:

  • · Monday: chest, deltas, triceps.
  • · Environment: back, biceps of the arms.
  • · Friday: legs.

The division of classes into muscle groups is an important part of each program.

  1. Extra approaches.

Perform no more than three working heavy approaches with the number of repetitions in each of them – no more than 8. If after that you are able to take another approach, then you have worked out poorly.

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