Why Covid-19 Testing Is Vital To Restoring normalcy


As nations across the globe emerge from lockdown, one thing is certain: every single individual may assist their nation in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. From donning a face mask to washing hands, observing physical distance, and avoiding huge indoor meetings. Everybody can obey proven health practices to not only decrease their risk of infection by SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for causing coronavirus), but also to inhibit COVID-19 from spreading to your work colleagues, friends, and dear ones. Suppose you have queries or concerns about the Sugar Land Covid test, here is what you should know!

What Are The Different Forms Of Coronavirus Testing Available?

Covid-19 tests are divided into two categories.

Diagnostic test: A diagnostic test might indicate if you are presently afflicted with the virus responsible for causing Covid-19. If your primary care practitioner recommends a Covid-19 test depending on your symptoms and other variables, this is what you will receive at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital.

Antibody test: An antibody test could reveal whether you have been infected or exposed to the virus that induces Covid-19, and whether your body has produced antibodies to protect itself. It takes roughly 12 days for your body to produce adequate antibodies to show on a test following exposure.

Who Should Undergo A Covid-19 Test?

The response varies depending on several factors, including a patient’s symptoms, history of exposure, and inherent risk factors for serious illnesses. Nonetheless, you should take a covid-19 test if:

  • You have typical coronavirus symptoms or not
  • You have recuperated from Covid-19

How Long Does It Take To Acquire The Findings Of A COVID-19 Test?

It could take anything from an hour to a few days to receive coronavirus test results. On-site testing labs are available at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital to ensure you access to all your services in a single setting.

If your results are positive, you will be informed of the results, which will also be shared with public health officials. If your test indicates that you have been exposed, your doctor will advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Numerous COVID-19 cases are minor and may be treated at home, but if more advanced care is necessary, your doctor can help.  

You Have Been Tested Once, Is It Necessary To Get Another COVID-19 Test?

A negative test outcome indicates that you were not afflicted with the novel coronavirus when your sample was obtained. However, if you are tested in the early stages of the illness, before the virus is apparent, you may still be infected even though your test results are negative.

Suppose you are in contact with somebody with COVID-19. In that case, you must self-quarantine and monitor for symptoms to manifest in the 14 days after contact, irrespective of whether you receive a negative test outcome at the time. Furthermore, even if your test outcome is negative, you may contract the virus later and require retesting.

Help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic by arranging for regular testing. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital provides various testing procedures, including PCR, rapid, and antibody tests. Contact the expert staff to talk about your suspected COVID-19 symptoms or schedule your test today.

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