What characteristics should a torque wrench have for the car?


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For most people, using a torque wrench is enough to change the tires. If you also want to do smaller repairs, you should think of a higher quality. Workshop professionals, on the other hand, also need high-quality tooling. The professional mechanic also performs other repairs on the car with a torque-wrench, such as the engine or brake system.

Torque wrenches for the car are available in different price ranges, depending on the requirements you ask. A high degree of precision is required. This is only possible with a high-quality torque wrench car. Confused? Don’t know which one to buy? Due to this, it is highly recommended to read the expert review on top 10 best torque-wrenches available to you at afforrdable prices. See their current prices, features and details. What are you waiting for?

How a torque wrench works for changing car wheels and tires?

Seasonal tire changes require a variety of tools such as the jack and the torque wrench for the car. The lug nuts should never be tightened with an incorrect wrench or tool . Unfortunately, this is not taken into account. The individual wheel bolts can also be tightened securely with a wheel cross. Without a properly adjusted car torque wrench, it is impossible even for professionals to determine if the wheel lug is too tight and loose.

Loosening wheel nuts can cause serious accidents. Wheel bolts that are also tightened without torque wrench and brute force can damage the threads of the wheel suspension. The consequences are high costs and a few days without a car. Usually the solution is a change of the damaged parts in the specialized workshop. Therefore, you must change the tires with the appropriate tools, such as a torque wrench for the car. Electronic torque wrenches with digital display are also often used here. These are also high quality and precision keys.

How to set the car torque wrench properly?

Normally, the correct tightening torque to tighten the wheel nuts is approximately 110 to 120 Nm. This varies by brand and type of vehicle. However, you must find exactly the correct value for your vehicle. Then there is the car wheel wrench that automatically adjusts the value exactly. Lastly, you should reset the torque wrench on the car to the lowest level. This increases the useful life of your torque tool. A torque wrench for the car must have the following characteristics:

  • Power range from 30 to 200 Nm.
  • Ratchet head size: 1/2 inch.
  • Accuracy less than +/- 4%.
  • Torque wrench with mechanical release.
  • With function to the left if necessary.

There are also other parts of the car that should not be simply tightened with brute force, but with the correct torque. Otherwise the components could be damaged. Therefore, we recommend torque wrenches with a precision less than +/- 4% , a 1/2 ″ square socket with extension nuts and various nuts, and a torque range of 20 to 200 Newton meters. They have a great value for money and they are affordable.

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