Things to Tell Your Divorce Attorney in Westport About Your Marriage


Divorce can be a traumatic experience that one has to go through. With thousands of emotions running in your mind, you may not be sure about your next steps. In addition, when you meet with your divorce attorney Westport ct, for the first time, you may be overwhelmed and confused with hundreds of questions. 

You may have different expectations from your attorney and wonder about your responsibilities towards telling the attorney about your divorce. Therefore, below are a few things you should tell your divorce attorney in Westport about your marriage. 

  • Let your attorney know about your children. 

If you have children, fighting for child custody will be one of the most challenging parts of the divorce. Let your divorce attorney know about your everyday responsibilities with your children, including who is responsible for the day and night time care. It would also help if you told the attorney about your and your spouse’s relationship with the children. 

  • Discuss your budget. 

While you may feel uncomfortable discussing this factor but is always a good idea to discuss the average budget you want to spend on your divorce. If possible, ask the attorney to break down the costs to understand where you have to pay and where you can possibly trim the expense. 

  • The money you and your spouse make.

Irrespective of the state you live in, you are required to make full disclosure of you and your spouse’s financial income. You and your spouse should disclose all the earnings, assets you own, and other documentation about your income. If you did not wholly disclose your financial information, you could face severe penalties and legal courtroom procedures. 

  • Let your attorney know if there is any criminal history. 

If there is a criminal record involved, your divorce can be challenging. For instance, if you were involved in drug abuse or domestic violence, it would significantly impact your child custody and visiting. Therefore, it is better to discuss all the legal trouble you have gotten into (in case) in advance so that the attorney can figure out all your options. 

  • Compromises you are willing to make.

Remember, divorce is not a competition with your spouse. Going through a divorce means you will have to compromise on various aspects. Let your attorney know about the compromises you are willing to make on child custody, property distribution, and more. Doing so will help the attorney know where you are willing to negotiate and make the process easier. 

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