What Are the Latest Advancements in Dental Implants in Dacula, GA?


When it comes to dental implants in Dacula, GA, it has gone through major breakthroughs in the last few years. However, before going for a dental implant, a dentist has to make a calculated approach in performing each step of the procedure. The efforts of the dentist play an important role in the outcomes of the procedure. Are you wondering- what are the latest improvements in dental implants? Now, let’s have a look at the latest advancements in dental implants: 

  1. DICOM and STL

Now, the dentist can have access to CBCT scan technology or DICOM. Also, digital impressions or STL is an added advantage here. As the dentist makes use of these two methods, the dentist can easily come up with the best digital plan for implant and restoration. 

  1. Controlling Bacteria with A Coating

An antibacterial coating ensures that the growth of bacteria remains under control. Bacteria are organisms that are always present in the mouth, and a rise in number can lead to serious issues. So, to check the rise of bacteria, dentists can make use of antibacterial dental implants, which has made the process more convenient. 

  1. Computer-Guided Implantation

With the advancement of technology, now, dentists can perform computer-guided dental implant surgery. With this approach, a dentist gets a full computer guide during the placing of an implant. This technology has made it easier for the dentist to check out if there is any requirement for soft tissue augmentation. This process has offered numerous benefits like increased predictability, secure seating of the implants, etc. 

Final Words

To sum up, all these technological advancements, as mentioned above, have increased the success rate of dental implantation to 95%. Want to know more details about dental implants? Scheduling an appointment with a dentist is the first thing to do. The more prompt you are to reach out to the dentist, the less jaw pain or toothache you have to endure. 

As you reach out to a dentist, they will examine your condition and will assess if you are the right person to go through the dental implantation. Now, with such great technological advancements in dentistry, you can easily have access to the most efficient dental procedures. So, don’t have to worry anymore; you can be relaxed during the procedures and be ready to smile again with the lost confidence.

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