Reviewing top 5 types of employment discrimination


While employment discrimination is unfortunate and shouldn’t happen to anyone, it is more prevalent and frequently reported than most of us imagine. Among other states, a considerable number of employment discrimination incidents are reported in New Jersey. It often happens that employees are not even aware of the types of discrimination or their rights. In this post, we are sharing more on the types of discrimination, so that you can decide on calling a reliable employment attorney New Jersey in time, to take appropriate action. 

  1. Discrimination related to age

Almost one-fifth of all discrimination filings are related to age. This kind of discrimination typically happens against employees who are aged 40 or above. For instance, if you were due for a promotion and figured out that a younger employee was given preference when you were clearly deserved the same. While age-related discrimination is hard to prove at times, but it’s quite common/ 

  1. Discrimination related to disability

This is another common ground for discrimination. If a disabled employee or worker has the necessary experience, qualifications, and expertise, and can do the job safely, discriminating against them is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to all businesses and companies that employ more than 15 employees. 

  1. Discrimination based on race

More than 30% of all discrimination filings are related to race. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes race discrimination illegal. Sadly, we hear too much about people being denied opportunities or being treated without dignity because of their race. If you have faced any sort of race discrimination at work, consider talking to an attorney. Beyond what’s your deserved due, you have the right to work with respect.

  1. Discrimination based on religion

Not as common as other forms of discrimination, but this is a serious offense on part of the employer. Religious discrimination can happen in many ways. The simplest form would be to deny opportunities and rights to an employee because of the religion they practice. 

  1. Discrimination based on sex

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 bans this form of discrimination. Sex-based discrimination an happen because of someone’s identity, or it can be related to someone’s sexual orientation.

There are also other forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on genetics, marital status, and color. Do not assume that discrimination at workplace is normal under any circumstances. You should consult an attorney if you think that you have suffered this in any form. 

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