The function of a Hair Stylist


A hairstylist is a profession whose services are generally needed. It allows for unique creative expression and a flexible schedule. As a hairstylist, you get to interact with a lot of individuals so you must sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills. It would also require a tough and focused personality. You should not only improve the looks of your customers when they come but also their moods. Therefore, you must be cheerful while delivering your services, and also have a positive aura.

Description of a hairstylist

A Hairstylist is generally described as one who arranges and designs hair. However, their job functions go beyond this description. The scope of operation of successful hairstylists includes other functions such as:

  • Proffering suggestions on trendy styles for customers to make selections from.
  • Providing cutting, straightening, and styling services to clients.
  • Attending to customers’ feedback, suggestions, complaints, and preferences.
  • Suggesting quality hair treatment products and procedures that will improve the health of the customer’s hair.
  • Providing bleaching, dyeing, and tinting services for the hair and weave of customers.
  • Offering services in the braiding and weaving of hair.
  • Creating new hair trends that are suitable for the unique culture where they are located.
  • Developing and maintaining a stable relationship with customers.
  • Seeking out new ways to attract visitors, and to turn them to habitual customers.
  • Providing coloring and highlighting services for the hair and weaves of customers.
  • Serving as a salesperson to offer clients hair styling services.
  • Displaying and presenting new hairstyles for natural hair and weaves to customers.
  • Ensuring the hair salon always looks clean and tidy, and that it has a welcoming ambiance.
  • Keeping to the safety guidelines of the salon, as well as ensuring visitors and customers do the same.
  • Ensuring the books and records of the salon are kept and updated.
  • Ensuring the database of visitors, customers and potential customers is kept and updated.
  • Planning promotional activities to encourage more visits and the increase of customer base.
  • Building and maintaining the brand name by ensuring products and services are in line with the brand.
  • Maintaining social media platforms and ensuring the fan community is updated with the latest hair trends and styles.
  • Acquiring the latest tools and equipment needed in the creation of the latest hairstyles and provision of needed services.

A good hairstylist should also enroll in programs and courses that would help in the provision of quality hair styling services. To achieve maximum customer fulfillment, good hairstylist should be open to new ideas and suggestions, especially from customers. The ability to professionally advise customers on the choice of a hairstyle is very key. This can be done by considering the facial features and the hair texture of the customer.

The major task a hairstylist has is to improve the look and enhance the facial beauty of customers by the services rendered. Failure to do so, nullifies the efforts of the hairstylist, regardless of the sacrifices made. Every customer who walks in should leave feeling and looking stunning!

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