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Bogor, situated in Indonesia, is one of the underrated travel destinations in the country. With so much to offer to the tourists, Bogor is particularly famous for its beautiful weather and cool atmosphere throughout the year. Not only Bogor offer many cultural and heritage attractions, but it also welcomes adventure lovers to enjoy their time within this territory. Just book a hotels in Bogor and read our blog to know the top adventure activities that you can do in Bogor.

Paragliding – paragliding is one of the most popular adventure activities that you can take part in. This adrenaline packed sport is not meant for the ones with a weak heart. You will need a lot of courage and determination to execute it. Set out with a parachute on your back and glide up to 1.5 km above the sea level. Witness the majestic surroundings of the mountains and lush landscape beneath yourself. The trips are usually 10 – 15 minutes long and you can also take photos and videos with the help of a camera. Carry your own camera or hire one from the station. You will be accompanied by an expert during the trip. Head to Bukit Paralayang Bogor for the best paragliding experience in this region.

Hiking – hiking is a physically intensive sport to take part in and requires you to be very fit in order to walk so much. Situated in Jonggol, the west of Bogor, Gunung Batu or the Rock Mountain is the best place to go for a hiking trip. It offers a fantastic opportunity to face the challenges that nature has set up for you and at the same time witness the beauty of this very scenic mountain. If you want something more difficult and challenging, then you can head to the Gunung Gede and Gunung Salak slopes. Make sure to carry all the necessary equipment and hire a guide who will be able to show you the right direction and hiking trail through here.

Safari – the list of adventures in Bogor does not end there, but there’s some more to it. Safari at the Taman Safari Indonesian is one of the favorite attractions in Bogor. Situated in Cisarua in Puncak, this national park is spread over 168 hectares of land, packed with dense vegetation and a diverse range of wildlife. You will be able to opt for both day or night safaris according to your preference. A huge number of animals like Giraffe, deers, panther, bison, etc. can be spotted during the safari through the jungle. Those of you who want to enjoy the tranquility of the place for a bit longer can book a cottage. The cottages are well equipped with amenities and you will have a wonderful stay here.

So, these are the best adventure activities you would want to be a part of when you are in Bogor. Make sure to contact the relevant agencies or agents and get further information regarding the activities you will take part in.

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