Have you been in a Personal Injury? Let us help you


If you are involved in a personal injury, things may seem darker than usual. In a case of a personal injury like vehicle accident, slips and falls in Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer Lance D. Youd will help you through these tough times.


When you happen to meet an accident or have a personal injury, there is always some legal trouble that you have to go through. Many times there are some family issues that also need legal consulting. This is where Lance D. Youd provides expert legal consulting services for your troubles.

Lance D Youd has gained expertise in the above subject over his career or over 20 decades. Mr. Youd will fight for your rights until the client reaches a satisfactory conclusion. He will ensure that you recover satisfactory compensation for your injuries and other legal troubles.


If you or any of your family members meets with any type of accident or injury in Salem Oregon, you can contact the Youd Law Firm which handles the following types of cases.

1 – Automobile accidents which also includes motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

2 – Rear end accidents and drunk driving cases.

3 – Accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles.

4 – Any type of head, neck and back injuries.

5 – Underinsured and uninsured motorists.

The Youd Law firm also provides legal assistance in case of family related cases.

1 – They provide assistance in divorce and will help both the parties reach a satisfactory conclusion.

2 – Child custody visitation and support is also looked after by them.

3 – Along with this, they also provide assistance in adoption, guardianship and conservatorship.

Along with the above issues, any other type of legal advice and service can be availed from Youd Law Firm after contacting them.

In Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer requirements are fulfilled by the experts at Youd Law Firm. If you need an experienced accident lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company of the party at fault, Mr. Youd is your best bet. Along with this exceptional career and experience he is also a man of compassion and empathy which is the driving force of his work. He understands how clients trouble and works hard to ensure they are treated justly. If you need professional legal assistance in Salem Oregon, the Youd Law firm is the best option.

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