Penis Health: Dietary Dos and Don’ts


It’s no secret that the foods people eat have an impact on every aspect of their health, and penis health is no exception. A man’s dietary habits can, in addition to other factors, determine his sex drive, erectile ability and, for some, even the flavor of his semen. When considering dietary matters, it’s equally as important to know what foods are beneficial as it is to know which ones are best avoided, at least in large quantities. The following dietary dos and don’ts will show men what changes they can make to promote optimal penile and sexual health.

Dietary Dos:

– Oysters: This sexy seafood is loaded with zinc, a mineral that is known to maintain healthy testosterone levels. This hormone is needed for a healthy sex drive and for erectile function.

– Tomatoes: This juicy fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruits) is high in lycopene, which promotes healthy circulation. Erectile function depends on good blood flow, since erections occur when the penis becomes engorged with blood. Eating tomatoes in conjunction with oily produce, such as avocado, may help the body absorb the lycopene.

– Honey: Honey is quite a sensual food – it’s sweet and sticky and seductively slow to pour. But it’s also full of B vitamins, which are crucial to the production of testosterone.

– Leafy greens: These vegetables are loaded with chemicals called nitrates, which enable the expansion of blood vessels. When blood vessels expand, blood is allowed to flow in abundance through them. Eating a good amount of spinach, chard, kale and other greens can translate to improved erectile function.

– Dark chocolate: Along with being a favorite dessert for many, dark chocolate has several healthy components. Those relevant to penis health are flavonoids and antioxidants; the former aid in healthy circulation, while the latter repair damaged cells, which can improve the skin condition of the penis.

Dietary Don’ts:

The following don’t need to be avoided altogether, but, in the interest of a man’s sexual health, should not be consumed regularly.

– Soy: Soy products like tofu and edamame contain phytoestrogens, hormones that reduce the body’s production of testosterone. Packing in the soy on a daily basis could hurt a man’s libido and erectile health.

– Red meat: It’s fairly well-known that a diet high in red meat intake isn’t a very good choice for heart health. It may negatively impact the flavor of a man’s semen, too. Opt for lean proteins most of the time, and save the steak or burger for a Friday special.

– Mint: Keeping the breath fresh is generally a pretty good move in the sex department, but doing so with minty edibles may not be the best choice. That’s because mint contains menthol, a chemical that reduces testosterone levels. A man should brush his teeth rather than chewing mint gum or other mint products.

– Bleached white flour: Refined carbohydrates sap testosterone levels. Many pastas, breads, crackers and other pantry staples are loaded with bleached white flour. Check ingredient labels, and choose products made with whole grains instead, such as whole wheat.

Proper nutrition impacts everything from erectile ability and strength down to the desire to get there in the first place. What a man eats – and doesn’t eat – is therefore worth considering when making an effort to boost or maintain sexual wellbeing.

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