How Can You Benefit From NAD Therapy?


Have you heard of NAD therapy? It has several health benefits, including reducing fatigue, improving depression, improving your sleep, eliminating the effects of aging, and more. It can also help you with drug addiction.

If you want to learn more about this treatment, specialists in NAD therapy in Las Vegas can help promote your wellness. The team at Modern Wellness Clinic provides comprehensive care to make you feel your best and better your living. Reach out through their offices today to schedule your appointment.

What is NAD therapy?

It involves administering the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide into your bloodstream, enhancing absorption. NAD therapy enhances the repair and renewal of your body cells, promoting your health and wellness.

What are the uses of NAD therapy?

Health providers use NAD therapy for the following:

  •         Increased energy
  •         Improved mood
  •         Pain reduction
  •         Drug addiction treatment
  •         Cell regeneration
  •         Improved workouts
  •         Anti-aging
  •         Better mental health
  •         Enhanced memory
  •         Reduced risk of dementia
  •         Healthier hydration

NAD therapy generally promotes your life quality by allowing you to feel and look better despite your age and preventing your risk of severe health issues.

Who is the right candidate for NAD therapy?

During your consultation at Modern Wellness Clinic, the provider checks if you are liable for the NAD therapy by evaluating your symptoms and medical history. The specialist will also perform a thorough physical examination, including observing your vital signs and conducting diagnostic tests, like blood and urine tests.

But you can benefit from this therapy if you:

  •         Wish to enhance your neurological function
  •         Are you recovering from drug or alcohol addiction
  •         Want to promote your weight loss
  •         Wish to eliminate fatigue
  •         Want to lengthen your life

What to expect during NAD therapy?

The treatment happens while sitting in a relaxed setting. Your provider injects the NAD solutions into your blood through your vein using a needle. The treatments may take 1-2 hours, depending on the NAD treatment type you are receiving.

What happens after the treatment?

You should see improvements right after the treatment, while the other changes gradually occur.

Your providers at Modern Wellness Clinic suggest that you undertake the NAD treatments for five days, with the injections happening at intervals daily to achieve the best results.

The team at Modern Wellness Clinic offers customized treatments to ensure they address your specific concerns. They work with each patient to give the best outcome there is. The specialists may also modify your treatment or combine it with other methods to give you an excellent experience.

The bottom line

NAD therapy is vital in improving your health and wellness in various ways, depending on your needs. The NAD coenzyme is helpful in metabolic functions and brain development. The enzyme levels decrease as you age, interfering with your body function.

NAD therapy helps restore your body’s coenzyme levels, hence promoting your overall body wellness.

Contact a NAD therapy specialist today

You do not have to be suffering from a health condition to benefit from NAD therapy. It has several benefits for your health and wellness. Contact Modern Wellness Clinic today to schedule your consultation and learn more about the treatment.

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